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Avenue Recessed

- tunable white


• Choice of low output or high output tunable light engines

• Tunable Freedom
  – Low output, 1240 lumens (14W)*†
  – High output, 3000 lumens (37W)*

• Tunable Elite
  – Low output, 1300 lumens (16W)*†
  – High output, 3200 lumens (40W)*
  – High output, Corner unit 1650 lumens (20W)*

• Outputs should not be mixed in any continuous run

• Choice of opal diffuser for general, circulation or feature
areas or a Hexaprism optic specifically for offices and LG7 compliant schemes†

• Diffusers are TP(a) rated polycarbonate material

• Lumens shown above relate to integration of the opal diffuser. When Hexaprism is used, lumens are reduced by approx. 20%

• Diffusers are lay in as standard but clip in diffusers are available for recessing in wall

• Tunable white LED light engine that ranges from 2700K to 6500K
† Low output light engines with Hexaprism optic emit less than
3000 cd/m2 at 65° elevation
* Output and wattage based on 6500K colour temperature. These figures will vary between 1-5% depending on colour temperature used


• For complete freedom in configuring a bespoke linear system, Avenue employs a simple ‘3-step’ build

• The 3 key components are purchased separately in specific sizes to meet the requirements of the design;
− Bodies
− Light engines
− Diffusers

• Recessed linear system for ceiling or wall mounting

• Bodies supplied complete with continuous mounting kit
and brackets

• Available in continuous or stand alone units. All light engines are supplied with through wiring

• IP44 with opal lay-in diffuser (IP20 with Hexaprism or
clip-in diffusers)

• Corner luminaire is available for geometric freedom and versatility (high output, Tunable Elite only)

• LEDs run the entire length of each light engine, eliminating dark spots and shadows

• Slim extruded aluminium body finished in white

• Suitable for plasterboard and exposed T ceilings and
wall mounting

• Avenue Suspended Tunable White also available.
See Whitecroft website
Order Codes
To Specify

Order Codes

Body: Continuous
1.2m (nominal) AV4BRW
Body: Stand Alone
1.2m (nominal) AV4BSTRW
Light Engines: Tunable Freedom
Low output, 1240 lumens (14W) AV41TFL
High output, 3000 lumens (37W) AV42TFL
Light Engines: Tunable Elite
Low output, 1300 lumens (16W) AV41TEL
High output, 3200 lumens (40W) AV42TEL
High output, corner unit, 1670 lumens (20W)* AVCTE2
Diffuser: Lay in
Opal AV4DA
Opal, for stand alone AV4DAST
Hexaprism AV4DM
Hexaprism, for stand alone AV4DMST
Diffuser: Clip in
Opal, for stand alone AV4DACLST
Diffuser: For Corner Unit (Lay in only)
Hexaprism AVCDM


End cap kit (pair, inc. GST plug) AVRECW
* * Corners are supplied as a body and light engine. Diffusers must be ordered separately. Corners can be used for both left and right orientation
** NB: Other control components are required for the tunable system to function. Please search for Tunable White Controls on Whitecroft website


Version W L KG H
Continuous 95 1135 4.0 82
Stand alone 95 1145 4.0 82
Corner 95 340 3.2 82

Photometric Performance

14W LED Tunable Freedom Opal diffuser
  • LOR = 100.0%
  • SHR MAX = 1.54
Utilisation Factors UF(F)
Room Reflectance Room Index
C W F 1.00 3.00 5.00
0.7 0.5 0.2 0.69 0.97 1.04

LED Performance

Colour Temp Ra (CRI) Life Expectancy Colour Consistency
2700K >80 L80(50,000hrs) MacAdam 3 SDCM
4000K >80 L80(50,000hrs) MacAdam 3 SDCM
6500K >80 L80(50,000hrs) MacAdam 3 SDCM


Prepared aperture (brackets are included with body)
Refer to common ceiling compatibility matrix – See Whitecroft website
Exposed T Grids
T15/T25 Pull up

To Specify

Recessed linear LED tunable white lighting system for continuous or stand alone application. Polycarbonate opal or Hexaprism diffusers and corners available. Tunable white LEDs to adjust the colour temperature between 2700K and 6500K. Creates long, uninterrupted lines and angles of light

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