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Organic Response

- Remote Sensor


• Organic Response® remote is a sensor which communicates wirelessly with neighbouring Organic Response® luminaires, thereby automatically controlling light across the area

• The moment a sensor detects occupancy, it switches on its luminaires to a predetermined level. It simultaneously communicates with its immediate neighbours, using wireless infrared, telling them it can see someone. On receipt of this signal, the neighbouring sensor switches its luminaire on to a specified level (e.g. 80%), and simultaneously relays a signal to its own neighbours. This propagates rapidly throughout the floor with each sensor receiving a signal indicating how close someone is to it, and emitting a pre-programmed light level based on that occupancy information

• The remote Organic Response® sensor node is recessed into the ceiling plane

• Remote sensor kit comes supplied with sensor, plastic housing, controller and connecting cable (50cm JST-RJ45 with earth spade)

• Linking kit (supplied separately) is available for linking two separate sensor controllers together when there is a physical barrier. Linking kit is supplied with 2 x 3m cables

• The luminaires to be controlled by the remote sensor must utilise an Organic Response® compatible controller (supplied) and an approved driver. Contact Whitecroft Controls for details

• Commissioning can be done through the Organic Response® application available on all smartphones

• Optional onsite commissioning is also available. Please contact Whitecroft Controls department


• Detection range of up to 6m x 7.5m (based on 2.5m mounting height)

• Recommended mounting height of 2.7m to 3.7m

• Distance between sensor nodes between 1 – 3m

• Switches a maximum of 6A of lighting (6 DALI drivers) subjectto list of Organic Response® approved drivers

• Sensor node and housing finished white

• IP20

Order Codes

Order Codes


Version W L KG H1 H CA∅
Organic Responce 36 265 0.3 29 38 60 65
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