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Our Solutions


  • Education


    Lighting can have a direct and dramatic effect on educational achievement by stimulating and energising the learning process to actively motivate the student.  

  • Commercial


    The key to any successful office design is to create spaces that deliver interest, comfort and functionality to the working environment. 

  • Healthcare


    Whitecroft Lighting has been pioneering lighting solutions in the healthcare sector for over 20 years and has been involved in some of the most prestigious healthcare developments in recent years.

  • Retail


    Today good retail lighting has to be altogether more informative, rewarding and stimulating to engage customers and drive sales.  This means that lighting is now at the forefront of a design shift.

  • Outdoor


    Whether lighting for safety, security or style, Whitecroft offer a range of energy efficient outdoor luminaires to suit any near building application. 

  • Industrial


    Modern, efficient manufacturing and logistics facilities must provide low energy and low cost working environments. Our solutions not only meet these requirements, but also provide high levels of comfort across the entire workplace.

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