Bright Stars: Hannah Simpson, Lighting Design Supervisor

Bright Stars: Hannah Simpson, Lighting Design Supervisor

  • Posted on January 13 2020

In a new series, we meet the Bright Stars of Whitecroft Lighting taking us forward into the new decade.

At Whitecroft we are continually seeking new talent and our Graduate Programme has been developed to attract and recruit talented graduates to the business. Many of our graduates stay with Whitecroft moving through the departments and becoming the shining stars of our company. 

Our new Bright Stars blog series celebrates the talented, young people who have joined the team on graduate schemes or through apprenticeships and have been developing successful careers within Whitecroft Lighting.

Today we meet Hannah Simpson.


Who are you and what’s your role at Whitecroft?

I’m Hannah Simpson and I’m the North Region Lighting Design Supervisor


What’s your background? 

I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2013 with 2:1 BA(Hons) in Interior Design. Following University, I worked as a Data Clerk in a medical centre until I got the position at Whitecroft Lighting.


What brought you to Whitecroft?

After I left university I was looking for a job within design.  I came across the graduate scheme at Whitecroft Lighting and with covering lighting at university as part of my degree, I decided to apply.

As I was fresh out of university with little experience within the design world, this graduate scheme was the perfect way to start my career.


How would you describe the graduate course to a new beginner? Why should anyone do a graduate course?

The graduate scheme is a great way to be introduced into the working world. With a graduate scheme you are not expected to know or be able to do everything relating to the job position/role, but with the support and guidance of mentors and peers you quickly grow in confidence. The development programme runs for two years, allowing you to start out with basic skills picked up at university and work your way up to a competent lighting designer with the ability to run your own projects. 


Tell us about your Whitecroft Journey:

I started as a Graduate on Whitecroft’s LEDP (Lighting Engineer Development Program) in March 2014 and completed the development programme in March 2016.

Through the years as a lighting designer I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some exciting projects including the redesign of Whitecroft Lighting Reception Area, Snowhill Two Birmingham, Procurement 22 for the Healthcare Sector and I’ve worked closely with Willmott Dixon helping Whitecroft Lighting become their mandated supplier. In January 2018, I became the Lighting Design Supervisor for CES (Client Energy Services).  This was a new department introduced to Whitecroft lighting which worked closely with the end user, providing them with the best compliant and energy efficient lighting solutions. After a year in this department I then moved into the M&E section of the business in February 2019 and became the Lighting Design Supervisor for the North Region.  


What training/development opportunities have been offered to you?

There’s been a huge amount of training as my career has progressed with development opportunities every step of the way including:

-          LIA Certificate Course

-          LIA Advanced Interior

-          Whitecroft Lighting Professional Development Programme

-          Whitecroft Lighting Leadership Development Programme


What’s your biggest work lesson to date?

The company is bigger than just the department you work in and it’s been great learning how all departments are interconnected and work together for the final solution. Understanding this means that you know that a decision you make as an individual, no matter how small can have an impact on the other areas of the business, so it’s important that all departments communicate with one another.


What advice would you give someone about to start their first job?

Work hard, ask questions, take on new challenges and always be yourself.


What’s your work mantra?

Stay positive, work hard and make it happen!


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