Avenue Metro takes design and technology to new heights. The slim body creates a sense of space and drama, whilst continuous lines of light trace the contours of the building, complementing every interior design.  Revolutionary optics use clustered LED arrays to deliver higher light output with low glare, reducing the number of installed points and adding to the minimalist design that Avenue Metro promotes.


  • Choice of optics:
    • Opal for general, circulation and feature areas
    • Prismatic and Pod for visual comfort in office environments and glare control in EN12464-1 and LG7 compliant schemes
  • All diffusers are TP(a) rated polycarbonate material
  • White pods for white (RAL 9003) or silver (RAL 9006) body luminaire
  • Black pods for black body (RAL 9005) luminaire
  • 4000K ‘cool’ or 3000K ‘warm’ white LEDs
  • Available with e-light LED option for increased luminous efficacy (ll/cw) and reduced through life costs
  • E-light LED as standard on Pod optic variant
  • Low, medium or high outputs available
  • Outputs should not be mixed in any continuous run
  • Typical lumens per metre (based on 3m luminaire length with white pods) as follows:
    • Pod - Low Output - 1193 lumens
    • Pod - Medium Output - 1933 lumens
    • Prismatic - Low Output - 1122 lumens
    • Opal - Low Output - 1245 lumens
    • Opal - High Output - 2840 lumens
  • Pod Optic - Low Output
    • 1000mm - 1200 lumens (10W)
    • 1250mm - 1500 lumens (13W)
    • 1500mm - 1800 lumens (15W)
    • 2000mm - 2400 lumens (20W)
    • 3000mm - 3600 lumens (30W)
  • Pod Optic - Medium Output
    • 1000mm - 1900 lumens (17W)
    • 1250mm - 2400 lumens (21W)
    • 1500mm - 2900 lumens (25W)
    • 2000mm - 3900 lumens (33W)
    • 3000mm - 5800 lumens (49W)
  • Prismatic Diffuser - Low Output
    • 1000mm - 1100 lumens (11W)
    • 1250mm - 1400 lumens (13W)
    • 1500mm - 1700 lumens (16W)
    • 2000mm - 2250 lumens (21W)
    • 3000mm - 3350 lumens (30W)
  • Opal Diffuser - Low Output
    • 1000mm - 1250 lumens (11W)
    • 1250mm - 1550 lumens (13W)
    • 1500mm - 1900 lumens (16W)
    • 2000mm - 2500 lumens (21W)
    • 3000mm - 3750 lumens (30W)
  • Opal Diffuser - High Output
    • 1000mm - 2850 lumens (28W)
    • 1250mm - 3550 lumens (34W)
    • 1500mm - 4250 lumens (40W)
    • 2000mm - 5700 lumens (53W)
    • 3000mm - 8500 lumens (77W) 
  • Emergency Output:
    • Opal - 360 Lumens
    • Prismatic - 330 Lumens
    • Pod - 300 Lumens

For lumen outputs on black body luminaires, please see LDT files in product download area below


  • IP20
  • Modular options for clean continuous lines of light with or without infills or for use as a stand-alone luminaire
  • Extruded aluminium body with die cast end caps
  • Choice of integral emergency options; 3hr and COMEPS
  • Body colour options white, silver or black (black pods for black body luminaire)
  • Through wiring as standard for simple electrical connection
  • Cam joining mechanism delivers seamless join with no light loss
  • Body lengths up to 3m, a 1.25m body allows any length over 2m to be achieved in 0.25m increments
  • Corner units for creating signature shapes*
  • Optional integral Organic Response® wireless sensor that communicates with its neighbouring luminaires, automatically controlling light across the area†
  • Surface mounting kits supplied separately
  • End caps and continuous joining kits supplied separately
  • Can be installed as a suspended without uplight luminaire (suspension kit required)
  • Suspended with uplight and recessed options also available


* Corner units for the Pod optic system are blank infills and not illuminated

† Every luminaire within an area that’s to be controlled must have an integral Organic Response® detector.  Wall switch and dongle are also available (supplied separately)

Standalone and Continuous Bodies - Pod Optic

Pod (White, 4000K) Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW B50
1m, Low Output (1200 lumens) AOPSH114KW Not available ECA 116 >100k
1.25m, Low Output (1500 lumens) AOPSHA14KW AOPSHA14KWEM ECA 117 >100k
1.5m, Low Output (1800 lumens) AOPSHB14KW AOPSHB14KWEM ECA 119 >100k
2m, Low Output (2400 lumens) AOPSH214KW AOPSH214KWEM ECA 119 >100k
3m, Low Output (3600 lumens) AOPSH314KW AOPSH314KWEM ECA 121 >100k
1m, Medium Output (1900 lumens) AOPSH124KW Not available ECA 115 >100k
1.25m, Medium Output (2400 lumens) AOPSHA24KW AOPSHA24KWEM ECA 116 >100k
1.5m, Medium Output (2900 lumens) AOPSHB24KW AOPSHB24KWEM ECA 117 >100k
2m, Medium Output (3900 lumens) AOPSH224KW AOPSH224KWEM ECA 116 >100k
3m, Medium Output (5800 lumens) AOPSH324KW AOPSH34KWEM ECA 120 >100k
Corner unit * AOPCW Not available

* Corner units for the Pod optic system are blank infills and not illuminated

Standalone and Continuous Bodies - Prismatic Diffuser

Prismatic (White, 4000K) Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW B50
1m, Low Output (1100 lumens) AOQSH114KW Not available ECA 105 >77k
1.25m, Low Output (1400 lumens) AOQSHA14KW AOQSHA14KWEM ECA 107 >77k
1.5m, Low Output (1700 lumens) AOQSHB14KW AOQSHB14KWEM ECA 108 >77k
2m, Low Output (2250 lumens) AOQSH214KW AOQSH214KWEM ECA 110 >77k
3m, Low Output (3350 lumens) AOQSH314KW AOQSH314KWEM ECA 111 >77k
Corner Unit, Low Output (1100 lumens) AOQSHC14KW Not available ECA 105 >77k

Standalone and Continuous Bodies - Opal Diffuser

Opal (White, 4000K) Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW B50
1m, Low Output (1250 lumens) AOASH114KW Not available ECA 116 >77k
1.25m, Low Output (1550 lumens) AOASHA14KW AOASHA14KWEM ECA 119 >77k
1.5m, Low Output (1900 lumens) AOASHB14KW AOASHB14KWEM ECA 120 >77k
2m, Low Output (2500 lumens) AOASH214KW AOASH214KWEM ECA 122 >77k
3m, Low Output (3700 lumens) AOASH314KW AOASH314KWEM ECA 123 >77k
Corner Unit, Low Output (1250 lumens) AOASHC14KW Not available ECA 116 >77k
1m, High Output (2850 lumens) AOASH134KW Not available ECA 115 >77k
1.25m, High Output (3550 lumens) AOASHA34KW AOASHA34KWEM 104 >77k
1.5m, High Output (4250 lumens) AOASHB34KW AOASHB34KWEM ECA 107 >77k
2m, High Output (5700 lumens) AOASH234KW AOASH234KWEM ECA 106 >77k
3m, High Output (8500 lumens) AOASH334KW AOASH334KWEM ECA 111 >77k
Corner Unit, High Output (2850 lumens) AOASHC34KW Not available ECA 115 >77k


Option How to change order code i.e. code
SILVER Replace W with S AOPSH114KS
BLACK Replace W with B AOPSH114KB
3000K Replace 4K with 3K AOPSH113KS


Option Order Code
White End Cap Kit (Pair) AOPENDCW
Silver End Cap Kit (Pair) AOPENDCS
Black End Cap Kit (Pair) AOPENDCB
Continuous Mounting Kit *** AOCMOKIT
Surface Mounting Kit **** AOSMOKIT
Suspension Kit ***** AOSUSKIT
1000mm Infill White AOP1000INFW
1250mm Infill White AOP1250INFW
1500mm Infill White AOP1500INFW
2000mm Infill White AOP2000INFW

** Organic Response cannot be supplied in 1m lengths or in corner units. Please contact Technical Support if using Organic Response in a continuous layout that includes 1m lengths or corner sections.
*** One continuous mounting kit per join
**** One Surface mounting kit per luminaire length (standalone and continuous mounting)
***** One suspension kit per luminaire and infill length (standalone and continuous)

Dimensions Diagram 1
1m 1000 80 100 4.0 4.5
1.25m 1250 80 100 5.0 5.5
1.5m 1500 80 100 6.0 6.5
2m 2000 80 100 7.5 8.0
3m 3000 80 100 11.5 12.0
Corner 520 80 100 4.0 4.5
End Cap 10 80 100 0.1 -
1m Infill 1000 80 100 2.7 -
1.25m Infill 1250 80 100 3.3 -
1.5m Infill 1500 80 100 4.0 -
2m Infill 2000 80 100 5.3 -

† Width includes flange

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - Surface  Stand Alone Prismatic 16W LED 1700 Lumens 4000K
Surface Stand Alone Prismatic 16W LED 1700 Lumens 4000K
LOR = 100%
SHR MAX = 1.53

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
3000K / 4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Modular linear LED system with a modern minimalist aesthetic for continuous or stand alone applications. TP(a) Opal diffuser for general, circulation and feature areas. TP(a) Prismatic diffuser or Pod optic for EN12464-1 compliant schemes. Create long lines and features of light with a seamless aesthetic – as Whitecroft Lighting AVENUE METRO SURFACE.

Product Downloads

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  • PDF Avenue Metro Surface Datasheet
  • PDF Product Brochure
  • PDF Avenue Metro Installation Leaflet - Surface & Suspended
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Relux - White & Silver - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Relux - Black - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Relux - White & Silver - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Relux - Black - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Dialux - White & Silver - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Dialux - Black - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Dialux - White & Silver - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Dialux - Black - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface LDT - White & Silver - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface LDT - Black - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface LDT - White & Silver - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface LDT - Black - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Revit - White & Silver - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Revit - Black - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Revit - White & Silver - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Surface Revit - Black - 3000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Suspended (No Uplight) Revit - White & Silver - 4000k
  • ZIP Avenue Metro Suspended (No Uplight) Revit - White & Silver - 3000k
  • PDF e-light brochure
  • PDF Maintenance Factors

At Whitecroft, we have developed the Whitecroft Lighting Academy, a structured learning programme that will allow us to develop our future leaders, and ensure all of our staff have access to the best professional development opportunities available in our industry.

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At Whitecroft, our BIM engineers are not only adept at using Autodesk Revit; they are also fully trained lighting designers. We believe this is essential. When you use our teams on your project, you can rest assured the whole lighting solution is being designed, assessed and managed by people who know the technology inside out and have a full understanding of your requirements.

- We can populate your BIM model with a full lighting design.

- All our BIM families are created in-house, so if bespoke models are required, we can deliver them.

- We use Relux to create design validation data that confirms your project’s compliance and supports your BIM model.

- Once the model is complete, we work with you to interrogate every element including quantity schedules, costs, energy validation, COBie data and delivery schedules.

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Whitecroft have become successful in the lighting market, with focus on various sector specialisms. We now have extended our skills by offering a fully managed service which supplies much more than just the luminaires.

Project Management skills have been developed to save time on a project by planning it out and considering all relevant factors which may affect its outcome.

From design to specification, through to product selection, commissioning and after-sales support, we can help our customers meet the cost challenges of the commercial environment.

Our Project Management services encourage a smooth transition throughout your lighting procurement, manufacture, delivery and installation, by providing advice on the best techniques to employ.


Whitecroft Lighting continuously strives to offer customers the best service in the industry. This covers all aspects of our service from lighting design and quotations, to ensuring on-time deliveries and providing dedicated project management.

Whitecroft Lighting operates in a sustainable way by creating lighting solutions best adapted to customer requirements, with the least possible impact on the environment including consumption of natural resources. Whitecroft Lighting contributes to and takes responsibility for the furtherment of sustainability, which it also requires of all suppliers in it’s chain.

Through our environmental management system we are continually reducing our use of natural resources, whilst optimising recycled materials, avoiding waste generation and increasing recycling. As a responsible manufacturer we carry our company values and policies into our supply chain so that our customers can have confidence in the fact that all our lighting solutions are manufactured using only environmentally safe materials and processes.