Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed: Corner

Avenue Recessed: Corner

Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed: Corner

Avenue Recessed: Corner

Avenue Recessed

Avenue Recessed


Avenue offers unparalleled flexibility for linear lighting in any application. Lines of unbroken LED light trace ceilings and walls, bringing buildings to life.


  • Light engines are available in either low or high output
  • Low output light engines average 1080 lumens per metre
  • High output light engines average 2750 lumens per metre
  • Low Output†
    • 575mm 650 lumens (8W)
    • 1135mm 1300 lumens (15W)
    • 2270mm 2600 lumens (27W)
    • 3405mm 3900 lumens (41W)
    • 4540mm 5200 lumens (52W)
    • Corner unit, 650 lumens (8W) 
  • High Output
    • 575mm 1650 lumens (21W)
    • 1135mm 3300 lumens (38W)
    • Corner unit, 1650 lumens (21W)
  • Emergency Output (BLF):
    • Opal - 325 Lumens
    • Hexaprism - 294 Lumens
  • Outputs should not be mixed in any continuous run
  • Choice of an opal diffuser for general, circulation or feature areas or a Hexaprism optic specifically for offices and LG7 compliant schemes†
  • Lumens shown above relate to integration of the opal diffuser. When Hexaprism optic is used, lumens are reduced by approximately 20%
  • Diffusers are lay in as standard but clip in diffusers are available for recessing in wall
  • Available with 3000K and 4000K LED

† Low output light engines less than 3000 cd/m2 at 65° elevation


  • For complete freedom in configuring a bespoke linear system, Avenue employs a simple ‘3-step’ build
  • The 3 key components are purchased separately in specific sizes to meet the requirements of the design;
    • Bodies
    • Light engines
    • Diffusers
  • Recessed linear system for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Bodies supplied complete with continuous mounting kit and brackets
  • RAL Colour: Silver RAL9006. White RAL9003.
  • Available in continuous or stand alone units. All light engines are supplied with through wiring
  • IP44 with opal or hexaprism lay-in diffuser (IP20 with clip-in diffusers)
  • Corner luminaires are available for geometric freedom and versatility (for recessing in ceiling only)
  • LEDs run the entire length of each light engine, eliminating dark spots and shadows
  • Slim extruded aluminium body finished in white
  • Choice of 3hr Emergency or COMEPS emergency (can be wired as Easytest if required)
  • Suitable for plasterboard and exposed T ceilings and wall mounting
  • Avenue can also be suppied as surface mounted, please contact Whitecroft Technical Department for more information
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Body: Continuous

Continuous Recessed, 575mm AV2BRW
Continuous Recessed, 1135mm AV4BRW

* Only suitable for continuous mounting, cannot be used for stand alone

Body: Stand Alone

Stand Alone Recessed, 1145mm AV4BSTRW

Light Engines: Low Output

Light Engines: Low Output (4000K) Fixed Output 3hr Emergency L70 B50
650 lumens (8W) for 575mm body AV21HL >100k >100k 74k
1300 lumens (15W) for 1135mm body AV41HL AV41HLEM >100k >100k 74k
2600 lumens (27W) for 2270mmm body AV81HL >100k >100k 74k
3900 lumens (41W) for 3405mm body AV121HL >100k >100k 74k
5200 lumens (52W) for 4540mm body AV161HL >100k >100k 74k

Light Engines: High Output

Light Engines: High Output (4000K) Fixed Output 3hr Emergency L70 B50
1680 lumens (20W) for 575mm body AV22HL >100k 90k 42k
3300 lumens (38W) for 1135mm body AV42HL AV42HLEM >100k 90k 42k

Diffuser: Lay In

Opal, 575mm AV2DA
Opal, 1135mm AV4DA
Opal, for Stand Alone 1145mm AV4DAST
Opal, 2270mm AV8DA
Hexaprism, 575mm AV2DM
Hexaprism, 1135mm AV4DM
Hexaprism, for Stand Alone 1145mm AV4DMST

Diffuser: Clip In

Opal, 1135mm AV4DACL
Opal, for Stand Alone 1145mm AV4DACLST
Opal, 2270mm AV8DACL

Diffuser: For Corner Unit (Lay In Only)

Hexaprism AVCDM

Corner Units

Corner Units Fixed Output
Low output, 660 lumens (8W)* AVCH1
High Output, 1670 lumens (21W)* AVCH2


End cap kit for recessed (pair, inc. GST plug) AVRECW


COMEPS Add suffix /EP i.e AV41HL/EP
DALI DIMMING** Replace H with Y i.e AV41YL

* Corners are supplied as a body and light engine. Diffusers must be ordered separately. Corners can be used for both left and right orientation
** DALI Dimming range is 1-100% as standard. On AV21YL and AVCY1, the dimming range is 10-100%

For 3000K colour temperature, please contact Whitecroft

Dimensions Diagram 1
Cont. Recessed, 0.6m 575 95 82 3
Corner, Recessed 340 95 82 3.2
Cont. Recessed, 1.2m 1135 95 82 4 5.5
Stand Alone, Recessed, 1.2m* 1145 95 82 4 5.5

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - Recessed Stand Alone Hexaprism Optic 15W LED
Recessed Stand Alone Hexaprism Optic 15W LED
LOR = 100.0%
SHR MAX = 1.47

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Recessed linear LED lighting system for continuous or stand alone application. TP(a) polycarbonate opal or Hexaprism diffusers and corners available. Creates long, uninterrupted lines and angles of light – as Whitecroft Lighting AVENUE RECESSED.

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