Kolo Anti Ligature

Kolo Anti Ligature

Semi Recessed

Semi Recessed

Kolo Anti Ligature

Kolo Anti Ligature

Semi Recessed

Semi Recessed


Kolo Anti Ligature has an unrivalled range of outputs. This enables Kolo to be used as a direct replacement for any circular fluorescent luminaire ranging from 18 to 55W.


  • Nominal light output options:
    • 1700 lumens, 14W
    • 2300 lumens, 19W
    • 2700 lumens, 21W
    • 3500 lumens, 28W
  • Emergency Output (BLF):
    • 400mm - 500 Lumens
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate opal diffuser
  • Available with 4000K and 3000K LED


  • Surface mounted or semi recessed option
  • 467mm diameter
  • Cast aluminium body with injection moulded base and front bezel
  • IP65
  • Finished in white
  • Choice of integrated emergency options:
    • 3 hour emergency
    • EasyTest
    • COMEPS
  • Optional Command 5 microwave detector mounted behind the diffuser available that can be set to one of two configurations;
    • Microwave presence detection with ON/OFF operation
    • Microwave presence detection with High/Low/Off set-back functionality. Can be set to switch from 100% down to setback position of 50%, 30%, 20%, 10% or OFF
  • Luminaire and anti-ligature kit supplied separately

IP65 400mm White

IP65 400mm White Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW L70 B50
1755 lumens (13.7W) K6H4154KW K6H4154KWEM ECA 128 >100k >100k 100k
2359 lumens (18.5W) K6H4204KW K6H4204KWEM ECA 128 >100k >100k 95k
2793 lumens (21.3W) K6H4274KW K6H4274KWEM ECA 131 >100k >100k 87k
3549 lumens (27.7W) K6H4354KW K6H4354KWEM ECA 128 >100k >100k 75k


Anti ligature kit (semi recessed) KLALKIT400WSR
Special tool required for access and fixing HAL-KEY
Anti ligature kit (surface) KLALKIT400W


COMEPS Add suffix /EP i.e K6H4154KW/EP
COMMAND 5 Replace H with Q5 i.e K6Q54154KW
DALI DIMMING Replace H with Y i.e K6Y4154KW

* Command 5 not available with DALI

Dimensions Diagram 1
Surface 95 3.8 4.3 467
Semi Recessed 25 3.6 4.1 426

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Surface mounted or semi recessed LED vandal resistant IP65 anti-ligature luminaire with four tamper proof front face fixings. Opal diffuser with injection moulded bezel and cast aluminium body - as Whitecroft Lighting KOLO ANTI-LIGATURE

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