For new build or refurbishment projects, encompassing all lighting states from a single lighting point.  An elegant single piece low profile design delivering an > Ra90 combination of upward, forward and downward light, independently dimmable to comply with LG2 requirements.


  • Three distinct light sources:
    • Upper - Concealed Indirect (4000K)
    • Front - Patient (4000K or Tunable White)
    • Lower - Task / Reading (4000K or 3000K)
  • Two versions with a choice of outputs delivering up to 1000 lux at bed level for patient examination
  • Florence+ 300 
    • Upper optic - 3250 lumens*
    • Front optic - 2350 lumens*
    • Lower optic - 1600 lumens*
  • Florence+ 1000 
    • Upper optic - 7500 lumens*
    • Front optic - 5000 lumens*
    • Lower optic - 1800 lumens*

* Nominal outputs

  • Light sources are independently dimmable to comply with LG2 requirements, at 1.8m mounting height:
    • Patient at rest - a relaxing lower level of illumination (100 Lux)
    • General nursing care - Medical practices carried out at the bed space (300 Lux)
    • Patient examination - Full light output for detailed patient examination (1000 Lux) **
    • Patient reading - Lighting directly on the pilliow in a 1x1 metre area, can also be used as an additional lights source for nursing task (300 Lux)
    • Patient observation - dimmed to allow continuous observation at night (15-20 Lux)

** Florence+ 1000 luminaire


  • Single piece wipe clean injection moulding has no seams or visible screws
  • RAL Colour: White RAL9003
  • IP44 protection rating
  • Wall mounted, recommended mounting height 2m for typical 2.6m-3m ceiling heights
  • 1st fix wall bracket, pre-wired to GST 18/4 flying leads (For other connector requirements please contact the Whitecroft Lighting Technical Desk)
  • Optional wireless Air Control gives the patient even more control with seamless graduation between cool and warm light
  • DALI as standard - requires DALI input unit and onsite commissioning
  • Switch dim option available with Florence+ 300 for retrofit applications

Florence+ 300

Colour Temperature DALI LL/CW * L70 B50
4000K Up and Front, 3000K Lower FCP3Y4K3KW 132 50K 50K 50K ECA
4000K Up and Front, 4000K Lower FCP3Y4K4KW 132 50K 50K 50K ECA

* Efficacy noted is for "Patient at Rest" scene, please see photometry files for further detail on other scenes
Note: Florence+ 300 has 2 drivers and requires 2 DALI addresses

Florence+ 1000

Colour Temperature DALI LL/CW * L70 B50
4000K Up and Front, 3000K Lower FCP1Y4K3KW 132 50K 50K 50K ECA
4000K Up and Front, 4000K Lower FCP1Y4K4KW 132 50K 50K 50K ECA
4000K Up, Tunable Front, 3000K Lower FCP1YTE3KW 132 50K 50K 50K ECA
4000K Up, Tunable Front, 4000K Lower FCP1YTE4KW 132 50K 50K 50K ECA

* Efficacy noted is for "Patient at Rest" scene, please see photometry files for further detail on other scenes
Note: Florence+ 1000 has 3 drivers and requires 3 DALI addresses (Tunable White versions 4 drivers and 4 DALI addresses)


AIR CONTROL *** Add AC before Y i.e. FCP3ACY4K3KW
SWITCH DIM **** Replace Y with X i.e. FCP3X4K3KW

*** Air Control is remotely housed for Florence+ 1000
**** Only available with Florence+ 300

Dimensions Diagram 1
Florence+ 920 775 155 121 100 7.5

Elegant low profile bedhead luminaire delivering an > Ra90 combination of upward, forward and downward light.  Single piece wipe clean injection moulding has no seams or visible screws.  Light sources deliver up to 1000 lux at bed level for patient examination and are independently dimmable to comply with LG2 requirements - as Whitecroft Lighting FLORENCE+. 


Product Downloads

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  • PDF Florence+ Datasheet
  • PDF Healthcare Brochure
  • ZIP Florence+ LDT
  • ZIP Florence+ Relux
  • ZIP Florence+ Dialux
  • PDF Maintenance Factors

At Whitecroft, we have developed the Whitecroft Lighting Academy, a structured learning programme that will allow us to develop our future leaders, and ensure all of our staff have access to the best professional development opportunities available in our industry.

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At Whitecroft, our BIM engineers are not only adept at using Autodesk Revit; they are also fully trained lighting designers. We believe this is essential. When you use our teams on your project, you can rest assured the whole lighting solution is being designed, assessed and managed by people who know the technology inside out and have a full understanding of your requirements.

- We can populate your BIM model with a full lighting design.

- All our BIM families are created in-house, so if bespoke models are required, we can deliver them.

- We use Relux to create design validation data that confirms your project’s compliance and supports your BIM model.

- Once the model is complete, we work with you to interrogate every element including quantity schedules, costs, energy validation, COBie data and delivery schedules.

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Whitecroft have become successful in the lighting market, with focus on various sector specialisms. We now have extended our skills by offering a fully managed service which supplies much more than just the luminaires.

Project Management skills have been developed to save time on a project by planning it out and considering all relevant factors which may affect its outcome.

From design to specification, through to product selection, commissioning and after-sales support, we can help our customers meet the cost challenges of the commercial environment.

Our Project Management services encourage a smooth transition throughout your lighting procurement, manufacture, delivery and installation, by providing advice on the best techniques to employ.


Whitecroft Lighting continuously strives to offer customers the best service in the industry. This covers all aspects of our service from lighting design and quotations, to ensuring on-time deliveries and providing dedicated project management.

Whitecroft Lighting operates in a sustainable way by creating lighting solutions best adapted to customer requirements, with the least possible impact on the environment including consumption of natural resources. Whitecroft Lighting contributes to and takes responsibility for the furtherment of sustainability, which it also requires of all suppliers in it’s chain.

Through our environmental management system we are continually reducing our use of natural resources, whilst optimising recycled materials, avoiding waste generation and increasing recycling. As a responsible manufacturer we carry our company values and policies into our supply chain so that our customers can have confidence in the fact that all our lighting solutions are manufactured using only environmentally safe materials and processes.