Air Control

Air Control is an advanced lighting control solution based on Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). BLE is a state-of-the-art wireless technology and the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future proof low power radio technology in the world.

Air Control technology provides a mesh network where all the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node. These self-organising wireless mesh networks can control a large number of luminaires from any point so if any individual luminaire is removed or reconfigured, the lighting control keeps working. Air Control equipped luminaires are smart on their own and only connect when needed, an internet connection is not necessary for normal operation.





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Organic Response® SN3

Integrated wireless lighting control with connectivity at its core. Dual layer communication architecture and real time analytics provide insights into current levels of energy consumption, occupancy, space utilisation and luminaire performance.

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