Whitecroft Lighting (the Company) products are supplied with a 5-year warranty for any manufacturing defect that may occur with the products during this time. *
This warranty starts from the date of invoice and applies to Whitecroft branded products. (Product). The warranty only applies where the product can be verifiably shown to be due to a manufacturing fault. The course of action taken will be at the Company’s sole discretion. 
Extended warranties and Service agreements are available, details upon request. 

Defects occurring in the first 12 months:
The Company may repair the product proven to be a Whitecroft component defect on site, request the product to be returned for repair, deliver a replacement product or component, or issue a credit note for the net invoice value of the product. 

Defects occurring in years 2 to 5:
The Company may repair a returned product proven to be a Whitecroft component defect, deliver a replacement Product or component, or issue a credit note for the original value of the Product. 


  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries have a warranty period of one year on a replacement only basis from the date of invoice.
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) manufactured from 2024 onwards have a Warranty period of five years on a replacement only basis from the date of invoice.


The warranty is subject to the following provisions:

  • The warranty only applies to products used within the defined specifications, and only if the products have been installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the product, or available on request.
  • The product has not been exposed to any unexpected Mechanical, Environmental or Chemical stresses. 
  • The warranty only applies to the Company’s branded products and Fagerhult Group company products and specifically excludes any traded products that the Company has purchased to support a purchaser’s project solution. 
  • The Company reserves the right to decide upon the eligibility of a warranty claim, we may require the products to be returned to the Company for analysis. Subject to validated proof of purchase.
  • Products have not exceeded a maximum of five thousand hours usage per year and any limits of temperature and voltage values as described in the installation instructions supplied with the product have not been exceeded. 
  • Warranty only applies to products exceeding the standard failure rate of 0.2% per 1,000 operating hours. 
  • Where a new replacement Product has been supplied, such replacement Product will be warranted for the unexpired portion of the original five-year warranty. 
  • Where products are mounted at heights of more than four metres or where specialized access equipment is required it shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to supply or pay for such access equipment. 
  • Where there is no defect identified with the product the Company may choose to charge the purchaser for any costs associated with investigating the claim. 
  • Any claim must be notified to the Company in writing within seven working days of discovery of a defect and the purchaser makes no further use of the goods. 
  • Replacement or substitute luminaires or components may incorporate new or recycled materials that match the performance and reliability of new items or components. The functionality of all replacement luminaires or components will equal that of the product being replaced. The visual appearances may differ depending on the age of the product.


The warranty shall not apply to:

  • Plastic components (e.g., polycarbonate) that discolour or embrittle due to the natural ageing process where the performance of the luminaire is not affected.
  • The recommissioning of products outside of year 1 of the warranty, or products onto a third-party system. Or products onto third party supplied control systems.
  • Changes of colour or surface finish to luminaires mounted outdoors that can be attributed to coastal environmental conditions.
  • Product defects that are attributable to third party software errors, bugs, viruses, or the like.


Customer Responsibilities:

  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to supply the part numbers, quantities, locations, and failure modes of defective product. 
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to undertake any reasonable checks requested by Whitecroft Lighting to assist in the diagnosis of the reported fault. Failure to supply reasonable supporting information may result in the warranty claims being rejected.


Site Visits:

  • Our on-site remedial repair of products under warranty will be undertaken during our quoted defined working hours of 8:00am to 16:00pm Monday to Friday, we will require clear unrestricted access to luminaires.
  • At the Companies discretion we may request a purchase order prior to any site visit or product / component replacement, this will be refundable on confirmation of a manufacturing fault.
  • Where required Whitecroft will provide reasonable access equipment to conduct repairs to a height of four metres, we reserve the right to supply replacement product only where luminaires have been installed without reasonable provision for maintenance access.


Statutory rights and claims shall not be affected by this warranty.
Consequential losses incurred resulting from any defect with the Product including but not limited to delivery costs, assembly costs, on-site installation costs, loss of profit, loss of business, damages, will not form part of the agreed claim. 

* Exclusions apply see Whitecroft Terms and Conditions.

Effective from 09/05/2024