Vitality Relight: Southmead Hospital

Bespoke circular lighting solution saves client time and money

In 2019, Southmead Hospital’s facilities managers Bouygues approached Whitecroft Lighting to upgrade large areas of hospital corridor lighting and the emergency lighting system.

The client was seeking a solution that reduced energy use whilst being in compliance with healthcare environment regulations, as well as being able to withstand regular cleaning with anti-bacterial cleaning chemicals. It also needed to take into account aesthetics and the required lighting levels and glare rating. Whitecroft’s design team quickly assessed the lighting in-situ and designed a bespoke replacement LED gear tray mounted with emergency lighting, that worked with as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. Whitecroft also custom built a secondary diffuser to sit behind the polycarbonate body to diffuse glare from the LEDs.

The Solution

This circular product was used to update all 245 luminaires, with an ongoing project to roll out approximately 6000 luminaires over time. The solution is connected by a simple plug and socket making it quick to install therefore minimising disruption and saving the client time and money.

The solution cut down on waste materials by 80%, and halved the operating power from 60W to 27W, increasing the operational energy efficiency by 55%, as well as offering a quick approach changing the LEDs.

Importantly, the new lighting also met with the required healthcare regulations and was able to withstand the rigorous cleaning schedules.


retrofitted gear trays


reduction in waste materials


increase in operational energy efficiency

Key Facts

Project name

Southmead Hospital



1st Install




Main focus

Vitality ReLight

Waste Reduction


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