Business Policy

Whitecroft Lighting's goal is to be recognised both for outstanding products and for responsible environmental, health, and safety performance and operating in a sustainable way by creating lighting solutions best adapted to customer requirements, with the least possible impact on the environment including consumption of natural resources. 

We will: 

Ensure that customer requirements are determined and met, and monitor information relating to customer perception, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.
Develop superior products and services that consistently anticipate and fulfil customer needs.
Manufacture and deliver products and services in a manner that meet or exceed the customers' expectations.
Meet all health & safety, product quality and environmental legal and other requirements appropriate to our business.
Provide safe and healthy working conditions and prevent work related injury and ill health
Commit to the reduction of accidents and safety incidents arising from our workplace and operations.
Commit to supporting the mental wellbeing of our workforce.
To enable the consultation and participation of the workforce in our activities.
Monitor and manage our use of resources to minimise the impact on the environment including improvements in our energy performance.
Be a good neighbour in the communities where we operate.
Provide interested parties with relevant and appropriate information.
Control, reduce or eliminate any actual or potential QHSE risks, hazard or pollution.
Establishing QHSE goals and objectives and regularly measure our performance against those goals.
Integrate the practice of continuous improvement into all aspects of our business.
Expect all employees to work on improvements in products, services, processes, Health, Safety and Environmental performance, in partnership with each other, suppliers, and customers.
Maintain the awareness of all staff about the company's policy and their understanding of how it affects them with regard to health & safety, quality and environmental issues.
Provide - the vision, leadership, resources, systems, training and work environment necessary to implement this policy.


We recognise the importance of good Quality Health & Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) practice in all our processes. To achieve this and our business mission, we operate management systems that address the requirements of our customers, whilst respecting the needs and safety of our employees and the environment in which we operate; ISO9001; ISO14001, ISO45001 and other relevant standards. 

Effective from 06/01/2023