Regenerate what you can and replace only what you need to

Regenerate your space with Vitality ReLight

Why consider Vitality ReLight?

Vitality Relight supports the regeneration of our existing buildings. Looking in detail at the spaces to bring improved quality solutions that offer the greatest decarbonisation potential, by reducing waste, reusing assets and regenerating existing lighting systems.

Looking at what we have around us today rather than simply replacing with new should become part of the discussion on how to deliver low carbon spaces

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5 simple steps to regenerating your space

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Vitality Relight action

Find out how Vitality ReLight can be applied to your project

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Reduce, reuse, regenerate on your way to Net Zero

  • The UK built environment accounts for 39% of the UK's total carbon footprint*. While new buildings are more energy efficient, the upfront carbon cost associated with construction is high.
  • We can make significant carbon savings by focussing on the decarbonisation of the 80% of existing buildings estimated to still be in use by 2050.  
  • With Vitality ReLight from Whitecroft, you can regenerate lighting systems to reduce waste and decarbonise your space.

*Source: Green Building Council

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Discover sustainable lighting and regenerate in a circular way

  • Buildings should operate with the lowest operational and embodied carbon impact and be circular and suitable for future regeneration.
  • Following Circular Economy principles, whether regenerating or replacing existing assets, is key to delivering a circular building for the future and reaching your net zero goals.
  • Therefore, reduce waste, reuse assets, and regenerate your lighting systems with Vitality ReLight.

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Regenerate lighting systems with minimal environmental impact

  • Don't just dispose of old lighting systems, regenerate and reuse them.
  • Sustainable lighting systems can deliver the lowest carbon impact without compromising on the needs of people.
  • A Vitality ReLight upgraded lighting and controls installation will not only support operational and embodied carbon reductions but will deliver an improved lit environment in terms of functionality and compliance.  

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Vitality ReLight


Learn more about decarbonising existing assets and delivering sustainable lighting systems with the lowest carbon impact

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