Apprenticeships At Whitecroft Lighting

Why it's a great idea to become an apprentice at Whitecroft 


A modern apprenticeship with Whitecroft is a great way to earn while you learn. You’ll study towards a recognised qualification while applying the skills you’re learning in a real-life working environment. At Whitecroft we know being at work should also be fun, that’s why we have a social club which organises extracurricular activities and charity events throughout the year as well as business wide summer and Christmas events. 


Become an Apprentice

Receive a nationally certified and professional qualification


You’ll be studying for Apprenticeship qualification which is a nationally certified and professional qualification. Depending on the apprenticeship program you undertake will determine the duration and structure of your apprenticeship.  We ensure that during your programme you are supported not only by the college or training provider but you also get constant support and guidance from your mentor. There are no tuition fees or costs when doing your apprenticeship qualification, it’s fully funded by Whitecroft.  


Continue your career development 


Following successful completion of the course you can continue you career development with Whitecroft and go on to do a further qualification or expand your knowledge working in another area of the business.  

What Apprenticeship programmes do we offer? 


We have a range of apprenticeship programmes at Whitecroft that we frequently recruit for. The apprentice programmes we are currently running include; 


  • Engineering Technician Level 3
  • Content Creator Level 3
  • Supply Chain Practitioner Level 3
  • Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician Level 3
  • Data Analyst Level 4
  • Sales Executive Level 4
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5


Whitecroft Apprentices: Inspiring Greater Manchester

On January 25th 2024, We delivered a fantastic webinar alongside The Juice Academy, hosted by GMCA, which was delivered to over 12,000 students across Greater Manchester.

This is a prestigious moment for Whitecroft as we have shared our enthusiasm and passion with so many students, hoping to inspire them to start their careers immediately:


Apprenticeship Programme

We will provide funding to help you achieve a recognised qualification in your apprenticeship programme. 

You will be given the support you need to succeed and will have an appointed mentor, plus your development will continue throughout your career at Whitecroft. 

Personal Development Plan

You’ll be given a personalised plan from day one to ensure your development.

Our Professional Development Programme is constantly revised and updated to reflect the changing dynamics of the lighting industry, with modules including everything from smart controls through to sustainable lighting.


International Placement

As a member of the Fagerhult Group, we are part of a global network of lighting manufacturers, with over 4,000 employees in 30 countries worldwide.

Your talents and skills will be expanded and supported by training and on-the-job experience, and could include an international placement within the Fagerhult Group.

Enquiry form

To find out more about an Apprenticeship at Whitecroft, please get in touch today.  Tell us a bit about yourself and what apprenticeship programme would be of interest to you via the enquiry form below.