Kildean Business Park, Stirling

Organic Response® offers responsive wireless system for commercial office space

In 2022, consultants Henderson Warnock appointed Whitecroft Lighting to supply lighting along with its wireless Organic Response® control system to a new 77,500 sq ft building for finance company M&G, at Kildean Business Park, Stirling, Scotland.

The brief was to ensure that the lighting complimented the building’s clean modern lines whilst making valuable commercial space as flexible as possible.   

A clean, wireless solution was suited to the largely glass structure, with traditional cables replaced by slicker sensor nodes, that connect with neighbouring luminaires, so all lighting can seamlessly respond to changing environmental conditions.  

Each sensor node contains a motion sensor, ambient light sensor, and infrared transmitter and receiver that allows seamless communication.

The system offers a range of benefits when compared to a wired or other wireless systems. Time and financial savings were made from not having to purchase or install a wired system. Aesthetically there were no cables to manage or hide, and the wireless light switches could be located on any surface.

Organic Response® also assists in making the space as flexible as possible, as the system doesn’t require recommissioning if the layout changes.

To meet sustainability targets and help achieve a minimum BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’, Whitecroft installed low-energy high-lifetime LEDs, while the light fittings contained replaceable modular units that lengthen the lifespan of the product and materials.


Installed luminaires with Organic Response®


Rating 'Excellent'


square ft of Grade A office accommodation

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Kildean Business Park, Stirling







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Henderson Warnock


Emtec Building Services

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