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Circular Economy 


Relighting Spaces in the Built Environment

With 80% of the built environment already in existence today, the choices we make in delivering low carbon, environmentally considered solutions must go beyond simply considering the operational efficiency of an installation. This presentation will look at what good lighting looks like for an existing space and how we can utilise already installed assets to deliver the lowest carbon impact without compromising on the needs of people.

This CPD can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

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Circular Lighting in the Built Environment

From international targets to individual choices, delivering sustainable project solutions has never been greater. However, how do we deliver circular solutions that balance the economic, environmental and social needs of clients. 

Whilst some sustainability models look at how to minimise the negative impact of the built environment, the circular economy provides a model of sustainability that enables us to deliver a positive impact on the built environment. This presentation will look at what is circularity, current guidance, what is Cradle to Cradle accredititon systems, and how circular lighting can be delivered in an accessible way.

This CPD can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

Whitecroft Vitality - a new approach to circularity

Whitecroft Vitality is a new approach to circularity. It’s about delivering an accessible circular solution in the built environment and creating longer term, more sustainable, interconnected partnerships between the supply chain, manufacturer and customer around the product. 

This new approach gives the ability to keep products at their highest utility through life and then refurbish, re-purpose, re-distribute, re-sell and in the end recover luminaires.  

This session will explore how Whitecroft Vitality approach can be applied to your projects explaining the key criteria of circularity, product innovations and long term benefits. 

Designing for Low Carbon versus Low Energy

Through market forces and legislation LED technology has reached maturity within the built environment. The main reason for this transition has been the operational energy savings made possible against previous technologies.

However, the environmental pressures and responsibility of the built environment to do more has never been more prevalent, with significant focus on ‘Net Zero’ within our sector, and this is more than simply energy efficiency.

This presentation will look at how effective lighting solutions in a low ‘carbon world’ will have to go beyond simply striving for more efficient lighting solutions with a whole life mindset needed if we are to maximise the opportunity LED lighting has given us.

Technology and Trends

Lighting Excellence: innovating lighting for people

The understanding of the importance of light on our built environment and our influence on us as humans has never been greater, and we see this through changes to our standards and guidance documents. By focusing on our visual, biological and emotional response this presentation will look at how to deliver effective lighting solutions for us. 

Lighting Controls for buildings of the future

As one of the megatrends of the 2020s, the importance of lighting controls in the overall building eco system and user experience will grow. This session will provide details of where the lighting control market is today and provide details on how to specify these systems. 


The Healthcare Environment

We will discuss the four key pillars that underpin the lighting proposition for healthcare: Standards & Compliance, Patient & Staff Experience, Infection Control, Energy & Sustainability and how new technology, standards and research may change the way we  light healthcare premises of the future.

Education and the Learning Environment

We will look at the latest research and guidelines, and how lighting and controls will play an increasingly important role in delivering the educational establishments of today and tomorrow.

The Industrial Lighting Installation

Modern manufacturing and logistics facilities must be safe, low energy, cost effective and support improved productivity. This presentation looks at the bespoke challenges within the industrial sector in delivering a balanced lighting solution that encompasses all of these considerations.

The Commercial Environment

The introduction of new design approaches such as the “WELL” standard requires adoption of new metrics and brings new expectations of the lighting designer.  We will discuss the opportunities LED lighting and smart control technologies provide in delivering tomorrow’s workspaces. 

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Our programme of interactive CPDs, delivered face-to-face or online, are designed to keep you up to date with the latest sector and technology developments.

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