Cascade Flex Vitality

Cascade Flex Vitality


The Change Starts Here

One of the world’s first luminaires Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze

The signature centre optic has been rejuvenated and futureproofed taking the form of a completely removable, reusable, replaceable and recyclable cartridge. Cascade
Flex is manufactured using responsibly sourced materials and supply chains and has received Cradle to Cradle certification at the Bronze level.

Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certified 

Combining circularity with exceptional lighting performance

Supplied with a DALI driver and optional Organic Response® lighting controls Cascade Flex will enhance energy savings and support user well-being by creating engaging and comfortable environments. The pod optic combined with the clustered LED light engine helps to create comfortably lit spaces. The pods are encased in a TP(a) rated diffuser making the luminaire easy to clean and IP44 rated.

Stay Connected

Organic Response® is a wireless plug and play lighting control system. With Organic Response® you can easily configure and reconfigure spaces to suit your needs. Fitted with an integral sensor each luminaire communicates with its neighbours, transmitting and receiving information giving it the ability to make more informed lighting decisions.

Designed to Perform

Cascade Flex unites high quality lighting and circularity.

Outputs and Efficiency

A combination of the latest high efficacy e-light LEDs, superior thermal management and the pod optic see Cascade Flex achieve nominal lumen outputs ranging from 3300 up to 4100 lumens and efficacies in excess of 130ll/cw.

Distinctive Optical Design

The distinctive central optic and range of lumen outputs deliver both visual comfort and efficacy. The optic directs 80% of the output onto the task while the remaining 20% serves to illuminate the bevelled ceiling canopy. This results in an intermediate brightness zone which creates a contrasting  field between the optic and the ceiling plane, adding visual interest and overall comfort. 

Emergency Lighting

Cascade Flex emergency luminaires utilise Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, a safer, low toxicity alternative to Nickel Cadmium. Their stability and reliability can deliver benefits including reduced maintenance costs, longer lifetime and can be safely recycled at the end of their life. Furthermore, the use of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries will reduce the parasitic load associated with emergency battery charging resulting in significant energy savings. 

The Change Starts Here

Whitecroft Vitality - Cascade Flex

Cascade Flex has been designed from a circular perspective with thought given to not only the materials and manufacturing process but to the products through life utility and continued upgradability in future Whitecroft Vitality cycles.

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