Flight for Sport

A Challenging Environment

From sports halls to exhibition halls each environment has its own diverse requirements and though these are likely to change from project to project there are a number of key considerations which apply to all.

Modern day sports halls are largely multi-use spaces often catering for multiple sports as well as activities such as assemblies and examinations. The lighting should be flexible and efficient with the ability to incorporate DALI and lighting controls. It should provide sufficient light levels, uniform illuminance and minimise glare as well as safe and efficient to install and easily accessible to support future maintenance. 

The Future
is Flight


Designed to meet the demands of a high bay environment, to use fewer resources, to consume less energy and to contribute to user well-being.

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Whitecroft Vitality

Whitecroft Vitality

Sustainability is the balanced delivery of Social, Financial and Environmental performance. Circularity is a model of sustainability that is about keeping products at their highest utility through life and then their regeneration and recovery.

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