Mirage 3 offers a versatile lighting design toolkit. A family of products with a shared aesthetic with the ability to aid the delivery of compliance.

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Mirage 3 recessed

A timeless classic

While its advanced engineering continues to set benchmarks for performance and sustainability, its enduring aesthetic continues to inspire lighting designers.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Mirage 3 recessed comes in a range of sizes and finishes guaranteed to suit any design, from open plan offices, to corridors, to break out areas. With further attachments offered on the C165 model to bring even greater visual interest to your space, this industry favourite continues to impress.

Beyond the ceiling

Dynamic visual appearance 

Mirage 3 is available with a choice of four reflectors:

  • A specular reflector delivers the most effective glare control by managing the luminous intensity of the light source.
  • The semi-specular reflector controls the luminaire output to deliver a balance of visual comfort and interest in the observers field of view. The primary option for functional spaces.
  • In areas where the luminaire plays an integral part of the architectural vision, black or white reflectors will blend seamlessly with the ceiling and, where required, will help create contrast.

Effective optical design

Dome and lens optics
Mirage 3 features several distribution patterns and, when combined with impressive lumen outputs, makes it easier to deliver efficient and visually comfortable lighting.

Beam angles are created by a combination of lens or dome optic, reflector and luminaire body size.

The different distribution patterns allow the designer to create feature and accent lighting, optimise lighting design and deliver exceptional visual comfort.

before after

Surface and suspended

One bracket, two mounting methods

With an extruded aluminium body to give a premium quality look, Mirage 3 surface and suspended blend with every architectural style.

Suspended models can be paired with an aluminium ceiling rose and decorative cable, or alternatively used with stand alone steel suspension.

  • Suspended or ceiling mounted
  • Available in three diameters and two depths
  • Available as standard in white, black or silver
  • Single custom colours available on request

Smart controls with Mini Passive Node

The mini sensor with maximum control

Meet our leading wireless smart lighting control system, Organic Response®, offering you control, flexibility and energy savings across your space.

Using an innovative Proximity Limited Communication system that reacts to occupancy and daylight, a single luminaire detects and transmits data to nearby luminaires. Those luminaires then communicate with their nearby luminaires creating a cascade effect across a building.

And thanks to our mini passive node, every member of the Mirage 3 family can be seamlessly added to your smart lighting solution and BMS.

Flexible, feature, and accent lighting

Outputs and Efficiency

The combination of the latest COB (chip on board) technology, graphite embedded heatsink and superior optical design sees the Mirage 3 deliver outputs up to 4000 lumens and efficacies in excess of 120 LL/CW.

Colour and Light Quality

As well as good looks, the Mirage 3 family benefits from outputs up to 4000 lumens and is available with colour temperatures 3000K, 4000K with tuneable white and colour rendering of Ra80 or Ra90.

Optional Integrated Controls

Even the smaller members of the Mirage 3 family can be fitted with discreet sensors so they can communicate with other luminaires. Offering flexible, smart control over your environment.

Effective Optical Design

Mirage 3 offers various distribution patterns and high lumen outputs for efficient and visually comfortable lighting. Beam angles are created by a combination of lens, dome optic, reflector, and luminaire body size. These patterns enable feature and accent lighting, optimise design, and ensure exceptional visual comfort.

Circular by Design

Mirage 3 has been developed with circularity front of mind, designed for easy reassembly, reuse, recycling and regeneration, with no glue and just two screws. What’s more, as a UK manufacturer using local partners where possible ensures a low carbon footprint.

Mirage 3 Vitality goes further, earning Cradle to Cradle® Certified Bronze.

Dynamic Visual Appearance

The Mirage 3 offers four reflector options: specular for optimal glare control, semi-specular for balanced comfort and visual interest, and black or white for seamless integration with the ceiling and contrast creation in architectural spaces.

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Simply professional

Providing lighting designers with the tools and inspiration to deliver entire projects based around one style of luminaire. Mirage 3 will accentuate building architecture and deliver compliance and superior visual comfort all at the same time.

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