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In today’s complex world we can all be affected by mental illness, whether personally or through the people around us. When the need arises for long term assessment and rehabilitation, safe spaces should be created in our healthcare accommodation, protecting service users, staff and visitors from any possible harm. Whilst the security measures are crucial, we need to ensure the same spaces assist with patients’ recovery and give them environments that feel comfortable, welcome and non-institutional.

Be Safe

The safety of service users, staff and visitors is a key consideration when designing a product range suitable for an Anti-Ligature or Medium Secure Unit (MSU) application.

Going beyond a need in some applications for IK10 and anti-ligature products, the Medium Secure Unit (MSU) range has been independently tested and certified meeting the requirements set out in the Department of Health Environmental Design Guide 2011 for Adult Medium Secure Services. 

Be Consistent

Designed to be used with standard Whitecroft Lighting luminaires the MSU range ensures a consistent aesthetic can be achieved, all areas can be designed using a single set of products and the MSU kits added to those where an anti-ligature or higher level of security is required.

The range features kits to suit both recessed and surface, circular, square and linear products that are suitable for all aspects of a project including bedrooms, en suites, corridors, treatment areas and social spaces.

Be Well

The requirements of the user are paramount within any lighting proposal, but none more so than in a healthcare setting. An effective lighting design is more than simply providing the correct illuminance level and uniformity across a room; it’s about creating contrast, visual comfort and interest into a space whilst also creating the right environment for both service users and staff.

These environments should be comfortable, welcoming and relaxing to aid recovery while also providing a suitable working environment for clinicians.

IK10, Anti-Ligature and MSS compliant

Going beyond IK10 and anti-ligature specification all products are independently tested and certified to the Environmental Design Guide 2011 for Adult Medium Secure Services (MSS). The MSS specification guarantees an additional level of security in the space and requires three test levels for light fittings detailed in Annex B of the guide:

A 15 minute sustained attack

The Type 1 test is a 15 minute sustained attack test using a 36x36x1000mm hardwood shaft to replicate a tool such as a broken chair leg. During the test the luminaire is subjected to a minimum of 10 consecutive blows as well as attempts to prize it from the surface to which it's fixed. 

15 consecutive blows

The Type 2 test simulates an attack by punching or kicking. A 1.2kg rubber mallet is used to carry out a sustained attack comprising 15 consecutive blows. For each blow the mallet is drawn a minimum of 1000mm away from the luminaire.

Small tool or implement

The Type 4 test pushes the luminaire and its fixings up to and including destruction. Appropriate tools or items that a patient may have access to, such as a metal teaspoon or zip, are used to carry out a sustained attack for a period of 45 minutes or until the item or its fixings fail, whichever is the soonest.  

Creating safe, visually consistent
and relaxing environment

Installation kits for a varied range
of standard luminaires

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