Outside the box

Designed for dynamic and motivating work environments

Distinctive V-optic

With its distinctive aesthetics Rink is a unique addition to any modern office that will complement a high standard of interior design and finishes. 

A high quality, triple layer V-optic with a glass like quality has been created to enhance glare control and improve office ergonomics. 

The suspended version is further enhanced with an uplight component, improving the lighting distribution within the space which also aids surface illuminance compliance.

Integrated Controls

Rink comes equipped with an integral Organic Response® sensor node for the ultimate in flexibility, ease of installation and commissioning. 

Organic Response® node-to-node communication quickly responds to changes in office layout and use of space, creating agile, engaging and efficient work environments. No luminaire is ever on when it doesn’t need to be, helping to reduce energy costs through lower power consumption.

Organic Response® enables an easy integration with Building Management Systems, and as an app-based technology it allows for a quick configuration and optimisation of zones, scenes or light dimming.  

Ceiling Integration

Rink recessed has been designed to complement various ceiling types. 

It integrates seamlessly with a premium SAS330 suspended ceiling and is a direct 1200 x 300 mm metal tile replacement ensuring the ceiling looks neat, while the perceived depth of the triple layer optic adds visual interest as opposed to a standard recessed panel. 

The modern office is no longer a place full of banks of desks...

The present-day offices are expected to be dynamic, collaborative, technology rich and creative spaces that harness the changes in the way we work today. A well-lit, stimulating and engaging space will have a positive impact on the comfort and wellbeing of individuals and encourage people to work smarter.

To achieve this the lighting solution must go beyond simply considering the correct illuminance on a desk. The high quality lighting will deliver not only visual interest, correct level of glare control, colour quality and vertical illumination, but also improved digital and face to face communication and simple controllability of lighting in a space.