360° of sheer brilliance

Whether you're lighting classrooms or workspaces, Scribe goes beyond compliance to create the optimal environment to work, learn and collaborate.

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Intelligent up-lighting

Downlight and uplight delivered through a single LED board

Scribe has been designed with circularity and conscious material usage in mind, using a single LED board to deliver 360-degree illumination through an innovative infinity-edge tri-optic diffuser, with a 90:10 distribution of downlight and uplight.

Streamline design, streamlined installation

We understand that construction sites are pressured environments balancing cost, time on site and safety. It’s why Scribe is designed with straightforward installation in mind to de-risk your project timelines.

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  • Mount it your way with surface and suspended mounting options.
  • Removable light cartridge and battery tray gives quick and easy maintenance access - on the spot and at floor level.
  • Simple installation, smart set up with no special tools required, two-stage installation and intuitive set up of smart controls, Scribe keeps things simple on site.
  • Wireless controls are integrated with quick smart phone set up to reduce commissioning time. Simple out of the box functionality, saving energy, time, risk from day one and into the future.

Light every space and every face

All too often lighting design only considers two-dimensions - light on the horizontal plane. But life doesn't just happen on desks and work surfaces. Classrooms and workspaces are multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional environments that use vertical planes to present work and stimulus. And the most important vertical plane to light? Faces.

Scribe has been designed with all this in mind. Its tri-optic diffuser technology, opal sides that boost vertical illuminance, and intelligent up-lighting combine to the perfect light to live, work and learn.

Smart, yet simple

Less energy, more flexibility with our range of intuitive controls

Lighting design should consider the function of the workspace throughout the day and even into the evening, as needs - and daylight - change.

Organic Response® automatically balances workspace lighting with daylight to keep levels comfortable and reduce energy by up to 40%.

Intuitive smart lighting controls also offer users lighting options to help focus attention and improve comfort for screen and face-to-face work.

Click here to learn more about Organic Response®.

Increasing comfort and performance


  • embodied carbon
  • material extraction
  • carbon miles
  • maintenance
  • end of life waste

Minimum design, maximum performance

Reduced material impact

with one, single sided LED board offering horizontal, vertical and upward illuminance.

Optimised visual comfort

with tri-optic diffuser technology to create the perfect lit environment. Lighting Standards LG5, PSBP, EN12464-1, BS5266.

Unparalleled light quality

through innovative 360° diffuser technology that reduces glare.

Optimised energy use

with intelligent up-lighting from the reverse side of the LED board.

Simple install and clutter free

aesthetic with Scribe's large luminous area supporting fewer installation points without compromising lighting quality.

Colour perfection

with temperature and rendition tuned for the space. Ra80 is perfect for education settings with the option of Ra90 for workspaces (3000k and 4000k available).

360o of sheer brilliance


Whether you're lighting classrooms or workspaces, Scribe goes beyond compliance to create the optimal environment to work, learn and collaborate.

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