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Selene Continuous

Selene Continuous

Standalone White

Standalone White

Selene Continuous

Selene Continuous

Suspension Point

Suspension Point

Integrated Lighting Control

Integrated Lighting Control



Selene Suspended

Selene Suspended

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Selene Continuous
Standalone White
Selene Continuous
Suspension Point
Integrated Lighting Control
Selene Suspended


Selene represents a milestone in LED luminaire development. Equally at home in an education or commercial environment, Selene delivers low energy LED technology in a package that rivals the affordability of many conventional source luminaires, without compromising quality. 


  • Outputs
    • 3800 lumens (33W)
    • 4700 lumens (39W)
    • 5700 lumens (47W)
    • 5700 lumens, e-light (43W)
  • Emergency Output (BLF):
    • All variants (except e-light) - 319 lumens
    • e-light variants - 329 lumens
  • 65% downlight and 35% uplight ratio
  • Available with 3000K and 4000K LED
  • Quadraprism optic for controlled diffusion of light with all round glare control
  • Available with e-light LED option for 1800mm version, for increased luminous efficacy (ll/cw) and reduced through life costs


  • Slim extruded aluminium body finished in white (RAL 9003) or silver
  • Die cast aluminium end caps
  • Available in IP20 or IP44
  • 2 into 1 point wire suspension kit with 1.5m maximum drop (supplied separately)
  • One suspension kit is needed per luminaire
  • One suspension kit is needed for every infill 900mm or over and any size of infill that is used to end a continuous run
  • For standalone or continuous installation (with or without infills)
  • Integrated through wiring as standard on continuous luminaires (no provision for on-site services), including infills
  • Optional integral Organic Response® wireless sensor that communicates with its neighbouring luminaires, automatically controlling light across the area
  • Choice of 3hr Emergency or COMEPS emergency options (COMEPS can be wired as Easytest if required)
  • Also available with 'EW' Routefinder Wireless for addressable emergency testing without the need for a 2 core communication cable
  • Emergency variants are supplied with a NiCd battery

Note: All DALI variants require 1 DALI address per driver. COMEPS variants will require an additional DALI address. 

Note: Integral detectors require commissioning. Please contact Whitecroft Technical Desk

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Suspended Standalone White

Suspended Standalone White Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW L70 B50
1330mm, 3800 lumens (33W) SNPSTH121W SNPSTH121WEM 115 >100k >100k >100k
1610mm, 4700 lumens (39W) SNPSTH151W SNPSTH151WEM 122 >100k >100k >100k
1890mm, 5700 lumens (47W) SNPSTH181W SNPSTH181WEM 121 >100k >100k >100k
1890mm, 5700 lumens (43W) - e-light SNPESTH181W SNPESTH181WEM 134 >100k >100k 51k

Suspended Continuous White

Suspended Continuous White Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW L70 B50
1320mm, 3800 lumens (33W) SNPCH121W SNPCH121WEM 115 >100k >100k >100k
1601mm, 4700 lumens (39W) SNPCH151W SNPCH151WEM 122 >100k >100k >100k
1881mm, 5700 lumens (47W) SNPCH181W SNPCH181WEM 121 >100k >100k >100k
1881mm, 5700 lumens (43W) - e-light SNPECH181W SNPECH181WEM 134 >100k >100k 51k


300mm infill white SNP300INFW
600mm infill white SNP600INFW
900mm infill white SNP900INFW
1320mm infill white SNP1200INFW
1601mm infill white SNP1500INFW
1881mm infill white SNP1800INFW
White continuous end cap kit SNCENDKITW
Suspension Kit** SNSUSKITM13

** One suspension kit per luminaire (Standalone and Continuous), one for every infill 900mm or over and one for any size of infill that is used to end a continuous run.


DALI Replace H with Y i.e SNPSTY121W
COMEPS*** Add suffix EP i.e SNPSTH121WEP
ORGANIC RESPONSE (SN3) - DALI only Add RG3 before Y i.e SNPSTRG3Y121W
IP44**** Add 4 after SNP i.e SNP4STH121W
SILVER Replace W with S i.e SNPSTH121S

*** Can be wired as Easytest if required
**** If IP44 and e-light, add 4 before E. i.e. SNP4ESTH181W
For 3000K colour temperature, please contact Whitecroft

Dimensions Diagram 1
3800 lumen Standalone Luminaire 60 210 1330 6.0 7.0
4700 lumen Standalone Luminaire 60 210 1610 6.3 7.3
5700 lumen Standalone Luminaire 60 210 1890 6.5 7.5
3800 lumen Continuous Luminaire 60 210 1320 6.0 7.0
4700 lumen Continuous Luminaire 60 210 1601 6.3 7.3
5700 lumen Continuous Luminaire 60 210 1881 6.5 7.5
300 infill 60 210 300 1.5
600 infill 60 210 600 2.5
900 infill 60 210 900 3.5
1320 infill 60 210 1320 4.5
1601 Infill 60 210 1601 5.5
1881 Infill 60 210 1881 6.5

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - 33W LED 4000k 3800 lumens
33W LED 4000k 3800 lumens
LOR = 100%

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1
  • Lamps: 47W LED
  • Illuminance: 524 lux
  • Spacing: 3.0m x 2.8m

  • Maintenance: 0.8
  • Reflectance: 70/50/20
  • Ceiling Height: 3.2m
  • Working plane: 0.75m

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Suspended LED linear luminaire with direct / indirect lighting ratio of 65/35 and a quadraprism optic providing all round glare control. Optional e-light high luminous efficacy option and a choice of IP20 or IP44. For continuous or standalone configuration - as Whitecroft Lighting SELENE SUSPENDED.

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