Trimpak with Organic Response

Trimpak with Organic Response

Trimpak with Command 5

Trimpak with Command 5

Trimpak with Command 6

Trimpak with Command 6

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Trimpak with Organic Response
Trimpak with Command 5
Trimpak with Command 6


  • Nominal 2000 to 11000 lumens, 15 to 83W
  • 300 lumens in emergency mode (all versions)
  • 4000K LED
  • High transmission opal polycarbonate
  • >100,000 hour life to L80B50
  • ECA compliant


  • IP20, IK07 rated
  • Available in 1150mm, 1440mm and 1719mm length bodies.
  • Integral controls options available in extended bodies, please refer to the dimensions table for the exact lengths 
  • Fabricated steel body
  • White RAL 9003 finish
  • Injection moulded polycarbonate end caps
  • Injection moulded polycarbonate sensor mount for controls options
  • Surface, suspended or trunking mounted, suspensions supplied by others
  • Cable entry via rear BESA holes or conduit entry through end cap 20mm diameter knockouts
  • Max cable capacity 2 x 2.5mm²
  • Fixed output driver as standard, DALI option
  • Integral Emergency options:
    • 3 hour self-contained
    • 3 hour COMEPS addressable test
  • Emergency variants are supplied with a NiCd battery
  • Integral controls options:
    • Command 5 (maximum height 6m)
    • Command 6 (maximum height 5m)
    • Organic Response (maximum height 3m)

Order Codes

Description Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW L70 B50
1150mm, 2026 lumen, 15W TL12H14K TL12H14KEM 135 >100k >100k 71k
1150mm, 3905 lumen, 30W TL12H24K TL12H24KEM 130 >100k >100k 71k
1440mm, 3036 lumen, 21W TL15H34K TL15H34KEM 144 >100k >100k 71k
1440mm, 5508 lumen, 40W TL15H44K TL15H44KEM 137 >100k >100k 71k
1440mm, 6851 lumen, 50W TL15H54K TL15H54KEM 137 >100k >100k 71k
1719mm, 11091 lumen, 83W TL18H64K TL18H64KEM 133 >100k >100k 71k

High efficacy E-Light versions are available on request


Description How to change order code i.e. code
DALI dimming Change ‘H’ to ‘Y’ TL12Y14K
COMEPS addressable emergency Add suffix ‘EP’ TL12H14KEP
Command 5 integral controls (fixed output only)* Change ‘H’ to ‘Q5H’ TL12Q5H14K
Command 6 integral controls (fixed output or DALI)* Add 'Q6' before 'H' or 'Y' TL12Q6Y14K
Organic Response integral controls SN3 (DALI only)* Change ‘H’ to ‘RG3Y’ TL12RG3Y14K

*Please note: extended body lengths for Command 6, Command 5 and Organic Response integral controls. Please refer to the dimensions table for the exact lengths

Dimensions Diagram 1
1200mm 1150 59 78 1.9 2.5 600
1500mm 1440 59 78 2.3 2.9 600
1800mm 1719 59 78 2.7 3.3 1200

For Command 6 end mounted sensor versions add 107mm to standard product length

Dimensions Diagram 2
1200mm with sensor 1302 59 78 2.3 2.7 600
1500mm with sensor 1582 59 78 2.7 3.1 600
1800mm with sensor 1861 59 78 3.1 3.5 1200

Integral Command 5 and Organic Response sensor versions

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - 4000K LED
4000K LED
LOR = 100%
SHR MAX = 1.66

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Life expectancy Colour consistency
4000K 80 L80 / 100,000 hrs MacAdam 3 SDCM

LED batten luminaire for surface, suspended or trunking mounting. Steel body and opal polycarbonate diffuser delivering between 2000 and 11000 lumens. Integral emergency and lighting controls options. Simple first fix mounting plate and a choice of cable entry points for flexibility and ease of installation – as Whitecroft Lighting TRIMPAK

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