Production Engineer

Production Engineer

About the role

Provide production support through the application of engineering skills, including process design, setup and verification.

Capability assessments, problems solving and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and undertaking projects activities with safety and quality as prime focus, but also delivering optimized processes and cost reduction.

Identify and remove waste/non value activities from processes and products through team oriented process mapping and continuous improvement exercises.


Qualifications and Capabilities

  • Develop project scopes and objectives, effectively communicate project plans with all relevant stakeholders and ensure customers are placed at the forefront of project solutions and decisions.
  • Focus on deployment/coaching of an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system.
  • Directs or conducts observation and analysis of personnel work procedures to define time-and-motion requirements of product & duties.
  • Support & Maintain sufficient documentation, testing coverage, and product maintenance.
  • Manage new and special product developments that are introduced into operations by owning the design for manufacture process. 
  • Support operations with solving problems that affect production delays to help ensure delivery on time to the customer.
  • Develop new processes for improving operations based activities and improve on current processes.
  • Audit processes within the business to maintain equipment and tools to a high standard.
  • Design and create tools, jigs, fixtures and gauges to aid production in manufacturing products
  • Report and escalate any concerns / project bottlenecks etc. to senior management when needed. Communicate frequent top level status of projects to senior management, identifying bottlenecks, project drift, and financial status. Defining business solutions or options for discussion. 


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