Flight as a

Be Ready

Install on time

The luminaire is compact and lightweight enabling single person installation, with bodies as small as 585x285mm and weighing as little as 4.9kg. Designed with snap fit brackets and plug and play electrical connection to support swift and safe installation.

Maintain in situ

The light cartridge can be fully removed for maintenance at floor level. While the universal fixing brackets hold the body in place allowing for control gear and battery maintenance to be carried out while in situ. 

Flight - Be Ready

Be Aware

Flight’s removable light cartridge gives full access to all components enabling individual parts to be maintained and upgraded throughout its life. It is made using fewer resources making it 50% lighter than its predecessor. Of the resources used 39% come from recycled sources. 

Using high quality components helps Flight consume less energy. This is taken one step further by incorporating integrated lighting controls and DALI control gear. 

Light that can be personalised to suit the function, activity or individual requirements will help people feel in control of their environment. Delivering the appropriate light levels and visual comfort will improve productivity and overall user well-being.

Be Productive

In the Present

Flight has a range of lumen outputs and distributions as well as lens optics to deliver light levels appropriate for the task, ensure a uniformly lit space and improve user comfort. 

In the Future

The modular design gives you the ability to upgrade and add value to your asset throughout its life. The technology can be upgraded and functionality added without replacing the entire luminaire. 

Install on time...
maintain in situ

Designed to Perform

Emergency Lighting

Flight integral emergency luminaires use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as standard. Their stability and reliability delivers benefits including reduced maintenance costs, longer lifetime and safe recycling at  the end of their useful life. Furthermore, the parasitic load associated with battery charging is reduced, resulting in significant energy savings.


Ambient Temperatures

High or low ambient temperatures in manufacturing spaces can put stress onto internal components and reduce both light output and life. Flight uses high quality components such as industry specification drivers to ensure correct operation and the long life expected from a modern high bay luminaire. Installations in ambient temperatures between -20 to +40°C are possible using the Flight range.


Light Quality and Efficacy

With outputs ranging from 12,000  up to 42,000 lumens and efficacies  up to 179ll/cw, Flight is one of the  best performing high bay luminaires  in the market. The high transmission lens optics have been designed specifically for the Flight range to ensure light is delivered to the task efficiently for optimum performance.

Integrated Controls

Flight is available with a choice of Command B on/off presence detection or wireless programmable sensors allowing area zoning with occupancy and daylight regulation using Command 9. The luminaire has also been designed to allow control upgrades in the future, meaning controls can be upgraded or added when required  in line with the latest technology. 

The Future is Flight


We are designing products to last longer, deliver more and consume less. To meet the needs of not only the modern day but those of the future, no matter it may hold.

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