Selene 2

Same Selene, Made Better

Following on from the highly successful Selene, a product combining low energy technology and affordability, without compromising on quality, we bring you Selene 2.

In line with the ever-increasing demands for all round performance, we’ve improved its visual aesthetic and lowered the embodied carbon, which in turn will help your projects get closer to Net Zero.


Reduction in embodied carbon*


Pre-consumer Recycled waste plastic end caps


Reduction in FR4 material**

It delivers everything that made Selene so popular in the workplace and educational domain, with the addition of impressive innovation, operational upgrades and efficiency improvements that consume less power.

With its Cradle to Cradle certification and circular design, we have calculated that when an upgrade is needed 95% of the materials will be reused, saving them from recycling or landfill. Selene 2 is setting new standards and creating the next generation of advanced lighting.

A better working or studying environment

The new upgraded and advanced Selene 2 will find widespread acceptance in both office and educational environments. 

In our suspended luminaires a proportion of the light is directed onto the ceiling, creating well-lit spaces and balanced surface illumination. This makes the space feel brighter and more open, creating a more pleasant and productive environment for students and office workers alike.

Reducing harmful effects on the environment

To help to protect the environment we’ve designed new, double sided LED boards, significantly reducing the FR4 material* in Selene 2 by an impressive 40%. By doing so future upgrades will be easier and more environmentally friendly, as there are fewer components to replace.

We’ve taken an uncompromising approach to reducing our carbon impact. This extends to the new product end caps we’ve introduced. They are now made from 100% pre-consumer recycled waste plastic, avoiding the use of raw material and their associated embodied carbon.

*FR4 is a fibre glass resin

The visual appearance of everything around us affects our mood, motivation, physical and mental well-being. We have considered not only the lit effect but also the aesthetic of Selene 2. This has resulted in a one-piece body which is cleaner, smoother and much easier on the eye.

One of the choices we made to achieve this is moving from a luminaire body made of aluminium to one formed from steel. A genuine game changer in a number of ways. The steel manufacturing process is currently less carbon hungry than the process for aluminium so the embodied carbon is reduced.

And because we buy our steel locally, we've cut down the distance it travels and further lowered the embodied carbon of the end product. Buying our steel in the UK means better availability, enabling us to offer greater reliability of supply and delivery to our customers.

Our continuous investment in the circular economy

Our commitment to remaining one of the leaders in the circular economy, means not missing a single opportunity to contribute and play our part. Which is why Selene 2 is a Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Bronze level.

The product is also supported by Material Health certificates, Environmental Product Declarations and TM65 data, indicating its embodied carbon impact. The introduction of Selene 2 Vitality offers our customers a greater range of Vitality products to choose from, making it possible to enhance the appeal of their building project specifications.

Supporting the global effort to achieve Net Zero


If we’re going to protect our planet from the devastating, future effects of global warming, action by every person, community, company and country is needed now. We are determined to be a leader amongst those that understand the urgent need and do something about it. Selene 2 is the latest embodiment our product philosophy to build environmental accountability and industry compliance into every new and upgraded product we produce.  

Your simple guide to Net Zero

The guide seeks to move beyond talking about luminaire efficiency by breaking down five key areas that should be considered when seeking to decarbonise commercial lighting.

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*not including future regeneration savings
**based on 1500mm luminaire