A beautiful all-rounder

Simply streamline

Streamline design, streamlined installation

We understand that construction sites are pressured environments balancing cost, time on site and safety. It’s why Stiletto is designed with straightforward installation in mind to de-risk your project timelines.

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  • Mount it your way with surface, conduit, BESA, and trunking mounting options.
  • A removable light cartridge gives access to all components, enabling individual parts to be easily maintained and upgraded on the spot and at floor level with standard tools.
  • Straightforward installation and intuitive set up of smart controls, Stiletto keeps things simple on site.
  • Wireless controls are integrated with quich smart phone set up to reduce commissioning time. Simple out of the box functionality, saving energy, time, risk, from day one and into the future.

Smart, yet simple

Less energy, more flexibility with our range of intuitive smart lighting controls

Lighting design should consider the function of the space throughout the day and into the evening, as needs — and daylight — change.

Intuitive controls also offer users lighting options to create the right lighting ambience for every kind of task.

Explore Organic Response® controls.


Increasing comfort and performance

At Whitecroft, we’re committed to working to circular design principles. That means finding ways to reduce the impact of our products throughout their entire life-cycle and allowing for future regeneration or repurposing of materials.


as standard — a robust solution for a wide range of applications.

Ultimate flexibility

outputs from 2200 to 7500 lumens, 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures — the right light for any space.

Simple installation

with a variety of mounting methods: surface, conduit, BESA and trunking.

Optional integrated wireless controls

create lighting states that optimise the user experience.

Reduce operational energy use

with the latest LED and LiFePO4 battery technology, plus integrated controls for daylight and occupancy.

Meet your sustainability goals

thanks to our commitment to circular design principles and transparent reporting.

A beautiful all-rounder


From corridors and circulation spaces, to kitchens. From quality standards, to ease of installation, to sustainability. Stiletto makes life beautifully simple. A solution for any project.

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