600 Pod Recessed

600 Pod Recessed

600 x 600mm

600 x 600mm

1200 x 300mm

1200 x 300mm

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600 Pod Recessed
600 x 600mm
1200 x 300mm


Designed with a circular approach the Cascade Flex is a new generation of recessed luminaire. Careful consideration has been given to the materials used and the effect they have on people and the environment. The luminaire features a replaceable central cartridge which can be returned, refurbished and reused multiple times ensuring that the materials remain in use without a sacrifice to the luminaires performance, before eventually being recycled at the end of its life.

Cascade Flex Tunable White offers a range of colour temperatures when, combined with lighting controls, gives the user flexibility of light source colour from warm to cool and adjustable throughout the working day.


  • Tunable White: average 4195 lumens (38W)*
  • Central optic square or rectangular LED module that utilises intermediate brightness zone technology through application of flat centre strip and innovative bevelled canopy sides
  • The unique optic design creates a graduating light output from the centre to the sides, eliminating harsh contrast created by flat panel LED modules.
  • Central pod optic for areas where higher levels of glare control are required, such as offices and classrooms
  • Tunable white LED light engine ranging from 2732K to 6332K

* Output and wattage based on average for all colour temperatures.
These figures will vary between 4088 - 4294 lumens (37 - 41W) depending on colour temperature used


  • Steel body finished in reflective white
  • Suitable for a range of ceilings:
    • 600 x 600mm Exposed Tee (584 x 584mm - Ref 'XT')
    • 600 x 600mm Spring Tee (599 x 599mm - Ref 'ST')
    • 600 x 600mm Plasterboard (use 'XT' version with 'SFTPBF' frame accessory)
    • 1200 x 300mm (1194 x 297mm - SAS 330)
  • IP44 from front face
  • Suitable for networked, DALI addressable rooms or buildings
  • DALI DT8 standard drivers
  • Seperate system components are required such as a scene plate. Please refer to tunable controls
  • Can be used with MSU Kit for Mental Health - Medium Secure Unit & Anti-Ligature applications

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Description Order Code LL/CW L70 B50
Tunable White 600 x 600mm Exposed Tee C6PTE3XT 109 > 100k > 100k 51k
Tunable White 600 x 600mm Spring Tee C6PTE3ST 109 > 100k > 100k 51k
Tunable White 1200 x 300mm SAS 330 C12PTE3 114 > 100k > 100k 51k

Tunable White requires separate controls, see Tunable Controls for details

Dimensions Diagram 1
Exposed Tee 584 584 69 4.0
Spring Tee 599 599 83 4.0
Dimensions Diagram 2
SAS 330 1194 297 68 5.5

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - Tunable White, 4100 lm, Pod Optic
Tunable White, 4100 lm, Pod Optic
LOR = 100%
SHR MAX = 1.53

Recessed modular luminaire with strong visual differentiation using a central linear optic. The light engine cartridge is easily replaced without tools for simple future upgrades and replacement ensuring a sustainable lighting solution - as Whitecroft Lighting CASCADE FLEX TUNABLE WHITE

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