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Pathfinder 2 is a self contained, low power supply, central battery LED emergency lighting system. The system is capable of conducting automatic testing in accordance with BS5266 / EN50172 and contains a non volatile memory able to store up to 2 years' test events. As Pathfinder 2 is a dedicated emergency system it can be used to create an optimum emergency lighting scheme, that is simple and cost effective to install and is scalable to meet the changing needs of a building. With simple and efficient testing regimes, utilising long life, low maintenance LEDs combined with cost effective installation, Pathfinder 2 will deliver the lowest cost of ownership of any emergency system on the market today.



The Pathfinder 2 emergency lighting system includes a class 1 protection central battery supply for operating and monitoring up to 80 emergency LED luminaires per panel, dependent upon loading of the control panel and subject to 20 per circuit, with 4 circuits available per panel. The system uses addresses to allow identification and monitoring of individual luminaires. The self contained central unit incorporates all the control electronics and lead acid batteries for ease of installation. The front panel has indicators and LCD display for clear status of the panel and LEDs. All control, administration, monitoring and testing can be performed through the front panel or remotely via a PC (not supplied). 32 panels can be networked together on an existing TCP/ IP network to create an IP addressable installation with web browser access.



The Pathfinder 2 panel is a component part of a complete Emergency Lighting System. 

When considering a Central Battery installation reference to BS EN 50171 for design & BS EN 50172 for installation to the latest versions is recommended. 

Any additional equipment such as phase failure monitors and commissioning are required to be ordered separately.

For further information or assistance, please contact the Whitecroft Technical Desk.

Order Codes

Central Battery Control Panel 12AH, capacity 49W PFD2PANEL12AH
Central Battery Control Panel 24AH, capacity 102W PFD2PANEL24AH
Central Battery Control Panel 33AH, capacity 140W PFD2PANEL33AH
Central Battery Control Panel 52AH, capacity 219W PFD2PANEL52AH


3 Phase circuit monitor PFD2MONITOR3P
Remote status panel PFD2REMPANEL
Web control software PFD2WEBCSS
PFD2PANEL12AH 266 140 472 15.5
PFD2PANEL24AH 266 140 639 24.3
PFD2PANEL33AH 400 170 800 39.2
PFD2PANEL52AH 400 170 800 48.3
PFD2MONITOR3P 17.5 56.4 98.0

Central battery, central test LED emergency lighting system. Fully addressable LED emergency lighting points. Control unit with programmable interface - as Whitecroft Lighting PATHFINDER 2

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