Recessed Luminaire

Recessed Luminaire

Surface Luminaire

Surface Luminaire

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Recessed Luminaire
Surface Luminaire


  • High performance, LED emergency luminaires for Pathfinder 2 system
  • Recessed and surface mounted options
  • Open area, escape route and high level lighting distributions available
  • Maintained as standard
  • Can be configured as switched maintained, dimmed or non-maintained
  • Robust, compact and low energy solution


  • Injection moulded polycarbonate housing
  • IP65 rated
  • Recessed available in white, silver and black
  • Surface mounted in white only
  • Input voltage 24V DC
  • Supplied complete with driver
  • Recessed open area and escape route versions 1W total power, 350mA output current
  • High level and surface versions 2W total power, 700mA output current

Note: Pathfinder 2 LED luminaires can only be used as part of a Pathfinder 2 system

Recessed IP65

Description White Silver Black
Recessed open area 1W PFD2RELED65W PFD2RELED65S PFD2RELED65B
Recessed escape route 1W PFD2COLED65W PFD2COLED65S PFD2COLED65B
Recessed high level 2W PFD2HRDL65W PFD2HRDL65S PFD2HRDL65B

Surface IP65, white

Desciption Order code
Surface open area 2W PFD2RELED65WSM
Surface escape route 2W PFD2COLED65WSM
Surface high level 2W PFD2HSDL65W
Recessed 55 45 25 0.31
Surface 133 133 55 0.45

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1
  • Open Area - Mounting Height: From Wall
  • 2.5m: 5.0m
  • 3.0m: 5.4m

  • 3.5m: 5.4m
  • Escape Route - Mounting Height: From Wall
  • 2.5m: 6.1m
  • 3.0m: 6.5m
  • 3.5m: 6.6m
  • High Level - Mounting Height: From Wall
  • 9m: 3.9m
  • 12m: 4.5m
  • 15m: 5.3m
Performance Guide Diagram 13
  • Open Area - Mounting Heights: Between Heads
  • 2.5m: 12.0m
  • 3.0m: 13.6m

  • 3.5m: 14.8m
  • Escape Route - Mounting Heights: Between Heads
  • 2.5m: 15.0m
  • 3.0m: 16.3m
  • 3.5m: 17.4m

Dedicated IP65 rated LED emergency luminaire for 24V DC central battery, central test emergency lighting system. Fully addressable emergency lighting points. Control unit with programmable interface – as Whitecroft Lighting PATHFINDER 2

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