Sample Engineer

Sample Engineer


About the Role

The primary purpose of this role is supporting the production manager to ensure all Primary sample products are manufactured to the highest quality and in an agreed, suitable timeline whilst maintaining a safe working environment. To ensure the sample product has been designed for manufacture and that all routes, times, feedback, and training had been correctly rolled out. To act as the gatekeeper between Product Design and Primary and ensure all relevant checks have been completed before the product goes into production. The role will also have a direct link into Production engineering to support all DFMs, PP builds and Pilot builds. The role would include direct operating activities where the business requires, and the requirement to provide operator training upon the Production manager’s request. 


Key Responsibilities

To ensure all safe working practices are being adhered to throughout the site, ensuring correct PPE is being worn and taking corrective action to deal with any non-compliance.

To ensure the department is running in line with the company’s environmental policy, waste being segregated and pallets etc. stored in the correct locations.

To ensure manufactured components meet or exceed expected Quality standards.

To ensure all quality surveillance audits are being carried out, first offs and last off completed and all green tags on products.

To effectively deliver the highest quality sample product to the design team ensuring substantial feedback is given to all relevant parties in a timely and professional manner.

To ensure the product has been manufactured to a high level and been designed around our key equipment, therefore guaranteeing that all products have been designed for manufacture.

To attend all sample meetings and DFMs and communicate back to the production teams any relevant feedback or upcoming projects.

To collaboratively work across multiple departments such as Production/Planning/Production engineering/Quality.  To ensure all samples have been correctly set up and have been proven to be manufacturable. 


Entry Requirements 

• Experience working in a manufacturing environement. 

Knowledge of Health & Safety, Quality and Build Standards or equivalent working experience.

Demonstrates effective coaching and training to the shopfloor operators.  

• Demonstrate ability to be well organised, achieving departmental objectives within agreed timescales.


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