Lighting Design Engineer Training Programme

What is Lighting Design?


Good question! Lighting Design is the process of designing how light is used within both interior and exterior spaces; also know as Light Planning. This process forms part of any architectural building design project, where a lighting designer uses their knowledge and expertise of light to predict visuals and light performance. As with all engineering disciplines, there are strict British Standards and guidelines to follow – and it’s a Lighting Designers profession to ensure that all standards are met with full compliance – while creating a visually pleasing environment as shown below:


Become a Lighting Designer Engineer

Lighting projects throughout the UK 


You’ll work as part of our Lighting Design team designing projects throughout the UK. Through the Training Programme you will be exposed to projects ranging from multi-million pound hospitals, through to Wickes and Curry's Retail Stores – looking at all sectors: Healthcare, Commercial Offices, Retail, Education and Industrial. Each project requiring sophisticated lighting and controls solutions and complex detailed planning. Using the latest software packages to visualise, calculate, and co-ordinate lighting layout plans on vast drawing floorplans.


Receive industry qualifications and professional certification. Working alongside our experienced colleagues as part of a sociable team, you will flow through a 18 month traineeship whereby you will pickup all the necessary skills to become a certified Lighting Designer. This programme will bring together both internal and external training, combined with on the job learning to help guide you to independent and externally accredited industry certification. You’ll become qualified for a career in lighting design and there will be no tuition fees or costs when doing your qualifications as it’s fully funded by Whitecroft.


How is the Programme Setup? 


This programme is split into three different components with multiple modules within them. To pass this programme, all modules within all three components have to be completed and passed. Each module is constructed of a learning, a task, and an assessment. This programme is designed so that each component delivers the content in the most suitable, organic and interesting manner. The three components differ from each other in how they are delivered - this is detailed below: 

Academy Component

  • •  Face to Face traditional classroom based learning with a trainer and student type learning.
  • •  Assessed and measured through MCQ assessments with a set minimum pass rate.
  • •  Provided on a monthly scheduled plan with expert trainers delivering their expertise on subjects.

Directed Component

  • • Independant learning whereby the learner uses provided information to learn and develop. 
  • • Assessed and measured through presentations to Leadership/Managers or assessed written essays.
  • • Provided and delivered on a bi weekly structure with Mentors providing guidance and support.



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Self-Directed Component

  • • Modules set out by the programme and worked upon uring day to day and on the job activities. 
  • • Assessed and measured through assigned Mentors, Team Leader and Department Manager. 
  • • Provided and delivered on a daily plan with Mentors providing guidance and support.

Christina Lombers

Senior Lighting Design Engineer

Christina joined the business in 2015 as a Trainee Lighting Designer, and has progressed through the department to become a Senior Lighting Design Engineer:

“The trainee scheme is a great way to be introduced into the lighting world. With the scheme you are not expected to know or be able to do everything relating to the job position/role, but with the support and guidance of mentors and peers you quickly grow in confidence. The development programme runs for two years, allowing you to start out with basic skills and work your way up to a competent lighting designer with the ability to run your own projects.” 

"During my career at Whitecroft I have had the opportunity to work on several key projects across a variety of sectors.  On a number of these projects I've been able to take on more of a project management role, working directly with all key stakeholders to ensure the project is completed to a high standard. I have been involved in supporting our Trainee Lighting Designers as they progress through the training programme, mentoring the Trainees, giving guidance and help where needed.  I enjoy how varied my role is and being able to provide support to people starting out their career in Lighting Design."

Why choose us?

In recent years, Whitecroft Lighting has been at the forefront of sustainability and circularity in UK commercial lighting, leading the market in the development of products that minimise the use of material and promote reusability through replaceable modular hardware. In order to ensure our continued success and product innovation, we continually seek out new talent. 

We look to our trainee lighting design engineers to be our leaders, managers and lighting design engineers of the future, and so take great care, and place great emphasis on, nurturing the talent that joins us.

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