Engineered excellence

Designed for the premium workspace, Eximia delivers across the board and without compromise.

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Premium appearance, premium performance

Where beauty, performance, and circularity meet

A streamline premium appearance conceals a forward-thinking design of engineered excellence, delivering up to 500 lux without the need for additional installation points.

With minimal bezel detail, a full range of colours, outputs, lenghts, and widths, Eximia has been developed to suit architectural integration. 

The perfect fit, with Eximia custom made

Adaptable design and manufacture

When you’re looking for the premium finish, precision matters. Thanks to adaptable design and manufacture procesess, Eximia can be custom made to fit your space perfectly and complement the fabric of your building, with no redesign or remoulding required.

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Committed to circularity

Smart design to reduce your impact

Extruded from 81% recycled aluminium and designed to circular principles; Eximia's modular body makes it easy to maintain, upgrade and adapt, offering ~40% embodied carbon saving versus a continuous solution. 

For projects where lowest KwH/annum is required, E-light uses market leading LED technology offering an additional 8% saving against standard LED technology.

Lighting solutions to meet your sustainability ambitions 

Keep it in the family

Flexibility in cohesive design 

Our product families have been designed to compliment each other, with Eximia, Avenue, and Mirage 3 variants working together to define your space and create a design that truly inspires.

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  • Mounting options that work in harmony with your acoustic solution
  • Dimension alignment maintains clean lines throughout your design
  • Mix and match finishes provide interest while maintaining a cohesive and sleek aesthetic

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Whitecroft's ACT on wellness

User health and wellbeing is increasingly, and rightly, at the forefront of good design. Lighting plays a crucial role. 

Eximia beautifully balances adaptive, comfort and task lighting, creating the perfect light to work and learn in.

With varying lengths, outputs, distributions, colours, light sources and control options, Eximia delivers a solution to fit all project needs both today and into the future. 

To support the wellbeing and productivity of the users, any lighting solution is one that must deliver visually comfortable lighting. With considered optical design, Eximia balances perfectly the light at higher angles to meet both disability and discomfort glare targets while achieving high levels of surface illumination. 

With varying lighting standards and needs of users, Eximia offers a broad range of outputs to suit any specification need. Whether the task is being undertaken on a desk, display screen, face to face or in a brainstorming session, standards require us to consider more than simply horizontal illuminance. The performance of Eximia has been set to deliver these varying needs in the most energy efficient way. 

Distribution and mounting options

Designed to compliment your building fabric

While direct light delivers the lux levels you need on working surfaces, up-light reduces glare, adds visual interest and creates a relaxed ambience that contributes to workspace wellbeing.

Eximia is available in both direct or direct/indirect distribution options, with direct/indirect offering an 85:15 split.

Surface or suspended mount with flexible fitting points and easy fit brackets.

Smart, yet simple

Less energy, more flexibility

Lighting design should consider the function of the space throughout the day as needs and daylight changes. Organic Response® automatically balances lighting with daylight to keep levels comfortable and reduce energy by up to 40%.

Intuitive smart lighting controls also allows users to suit their lighting to their task for example improving comfort for screen or face-to-face work.

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Where beauty, performance and circularity meet

In-use energy

utilising latest LED, LiFePO4 battery and controls technology to maximise and reduce overall energy consumption in operation

Increased recycled content

Eximia's extruded sides are made from 81% recycled aluminium that can also be recycled again at end of life

Premium look

with a minimal bezel detail that works for any environment

Optimised design

whatever light levels you require, Eximia can adapt to deliver up to 500 lux without the need for additional installation points.

Circular design

Modular chassis with removable light engine simplifies assembly, installation, maintenance and upgrade

Surface or suspended

mount options with flexible fitting points and easy fit brackets

Engineered excellence


Designed for the premium workspace, Eximia delivers across the board and without compromise.

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