Avenue Metro

A good lighting design will deliver the right light, in the right place at the right time. 

The right solution...

In environments such as learning and work spaces, where glare control is a key factor, careful consideration should be given to the chosen solution. Avenue Metro's hexaprism and pod optics, combined with the 80% downward/20% upward light distribution and increased lumen outputs will ensure that optimum light levels are achieved without compromising on the comfort and well-being of the people using the space. 

...designed for people...

A tunable solution will enable you to change the mood of your space throughout the day while having a positive impact on the people in it. 

Our bodies are tuned to a natural circadian rhythm, with our hormones affected by colour temperature, making us naturally more alert at certain times of day. Changing the colour temperature during the course of the day helps to keep us alert and attentive avoiding negative affects on our wellbeing, resulting in lethargy and tiredness. 

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...and planet

Designed with circularity at its centre Avenue Metro's removable and reusable components enable upgrades, customisation and future regeneration.  

Avenue Metro Vitality takes circularity to the next level. This independently accredited solution has received Cradle to Cradle® certification at the Bronze level, following assessment against five key sustainability criteria including material health and material utilisation.  

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Avenue Metro in Action

Designed for the space, comfort and a circular future

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