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Already the market leader, our commitment to sustainability and performance has taken Foil to the next level.

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Lighting design done right

At Whitecroft, we've been lighting classrooms for over 75 years.

We know that all too often lighting design only considers two-dimensions — the horizontal plane. But learning and working doesn’t just happen at a desk. Classrooms and workspaces are multi-disciplinary, multidimensional environments and good design needs to understand that and respond to it.

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Three dimensional design

Putting light in the right place

Foil provides lighting performance beyond the horizontal with optical innovation considering all compliance metrics, as required in LG5, DfE output specification Annex 2E, EN 12464-1:2021, Society of Light & Lighting: Lighting Guide 7, and British Council of Offices 2023.

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With an estimated 55% of communication delivered nonverbally*, achieving high levels of cylindrical illuminance and modelling will reduce shadows and masking of non-verbal cues.

Light designed to fall on vertical planes also illuminates walls, areas where learning aids and artwork are often displayed. 

*Mehrabian, A., & Weiner, M . (1967). Decoding of inconsistent communications. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Optics for every application

Two optics, unlimited possibilities 

Foil is available with a flush or drop diffuser, each featuring a different finish to best suit different applications.

  • Drop Diffuser: Opal diffuser to maximise vertical illumination with maximum layout flexibility. Large surface area to maximise visual comfort and support the delivery of glare-compliant spaces. 
  • Flush Diffuser: Quadarprism to deliver effective glare control. 

Sounding good?

Integrated acoustic enhancement that’s fully compliant.

Walls are valuable learning spaces, so not ideal locations for sound cladding, which can also be costly to install. Foil solves this, integrating panels filled with anechoic material.

  • Independently tested and proven to reduce acoustic reverberation
  • Supports full compliance with DfES Building Bulletin 93
  • Reduces ceiling clutter and improves maintenance access

Integration means simplification

De-clutter your space with Foil

Not only does Foil integrate light and acoustic management a wide range of services like smoke detectors, sprinkler heads and public address speakers can also be installed, minimising ceiling clutter.

Smart, yet simple

Less energy, more flexibility with our range of intuitive smart lighting controls

Lighting design should consider the function of the space throughout the day and even into the evening, as needs — and daylight — change.

Organic Response® automatically balances lighting with daylight to keep levels comfortable and reduce energy by up to 40%.

Intuitive smart lighting controls also offer users lighting options to help focus attention and improve comfort for screen and face-to-face work.

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Zero-fuss install and easy, on the spot maintenance

Foil offers a staged installation to reduce risk of damage to the product. Shipped to save on site storage and labour intensive movement.

A modular build approach is used throughout. For example, a removable cartridge gives quick access to emergency lighting batteries and all components allowing easy maintenance and upgrades on the spot and at floor level.

Increased performance


  • embodied carbon
  • material extraction
  • carbon miles
  • maintenance
  • end of life waste

Every angle illuminated; every base covered

In-use energy

utilising latest LED, LiFePO4 battery and controls technology to maximise and reduce overall energy consumption in operation

Increased recycled content

Acoustic attenuation manufactured from a combination of a 44mm thick mineral wool (over 40% recycled content) body with a front face of 100% recycled PET in varying colours to suit architectural requirements.

Future thinking

Cartridge technology for hassle-free future upgrades

Innovative optimisation

such as utilisation of double-sided LED boards reduces Foils carbon impact and use of materials

Less material

We’ve worked hard with our suppliers to reduce waste and remove any superfluous material.

Less packaging

Our minimal packaging approach removes waste from your site.

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