Tunable White

Creating dynamic spaces

Today’s interiors are dynamic, changing spaces. Whether in a commercial, healthcare or education environment, spaces need to be flexible and adapt to a variety of uses. Lighting plays a key part in setting the mood of a space and colour temperature can have a dramatic affect on the feel of any interior. 

Lighting for mood

There is a wide variety in what is considered ‘white light’. White is considered to reflect natural daylight, but this changes during the course of the day from a warm white at the start and end of the day to a very cool white at midday. Most standard white lighting solutions are 4000K, which is pitched near the centre of its range. Differing temperatures change the mood of a space with warmer temperatures being more relaxing; cooler temperatures creating a more motivating space.

Lighting for people

Light does not only affect the mood of a space, but it impacts on the mood of the people occupying the space. Our bodies are tuned to a natural circadian rhythm, with our hormones affected by colour temperature, making us naturally more alert at certain times of day. The lack of change in colour temperature in an indoor environment can have a negative affect on our wellbeing, resulting in lethargy and tiredness. Changing the colour temperature during the course of the day helps to keep us alert and attentive.

Selectable white


The simplest way to create tunable white lighting is by implementing a selectable white system. This is a simple system that is pre-programmed with a series of different colour temperatures, controlled by a scene-setting wall plate. From this the user can simply select the desired colour temperature. 

Pre-programmed scenes


Whichever control system you choose, a series of pre-programmed scenes can be simply selected, changing the mood of the space to meet the demands of the user. A choice of pre-programmed scenes are available to suit different applications, whether commercial, healthcare or education. Selectable white systems can add flexibility to any space, allowing the user to choose the right colour temperature for any task. This is particularly useful in multi-use spaces, which may require a motivating ambiance for meetings, whilst a more relaxed environment may be sought for social occasions.

Putting the user in control


For wireless solutions our Air Control system combined with any of our tunable enabled luminaires will allow the user independent control of their environment. For wired, building-wide solutions our Whitecroft Connect lighting control system can achieve the same levels of control with a simple wall-switch in each control area.

Dynamic white


Natural light is constantly changing. From dawn to dusk the colour temperature will vary dramatically, and our bodies respond to this change. This circadian rhythm helps us to concentrate at certain times and relax at others. 

Dynamic white systems


Dynamic white systems will change the light over time, creating a lit environment in step with our physical patterns. Whether a standalone room or an entire building, our control systems and luminaires can be used to bring lit environments to life, creating the most naturally lit spaces.

Optimising the environment


Dynamic white systems can be used to mimic the natural cycle of daylight, or can be programmed to create specific scenes at certain times of the day. You may choose longer periods of more motivating light at peak times, or to seamlessly move between relaxing and motivating lighting scenes to match work and break times during the day. Systems can be pre-programmed to meet the demands of the user, or commissioned on site and updated at any time.