Blog: Jamie Hall, Senior Project Engineer, NG Bailey

Blog: Jamie Hall, Senior Project Engineer, NG Bailey

  • Posted on February 20 2023

Whitecroft Lighting works with some of the UK’s leading building and infrastructure companies, and we recently partnered with M&E contractor NG Bailey to deliver one of Europe’s largest higher education construction projects.

Jamie Hall, Senior Project Engineer at NG Bailey, tells us all about lighting the University of Manchester’s new Engineering Campus Development - or MECD.



Embedded from an early stage

“Because Whitecroft has an inhouse design team and manufacturing capabilities to deliver bespoke lighting solutions, I look to bring them in on the early design stages of a project, often embedding them with the principal designers.

“I know they will assist with the designs, pulling together the components schedule, the delivery strategy, how components are stored, the lead in times, all the data sheets.

“They anticipate what I need and deliver what I expect.

“One of Whitecroft’s biggest strengths is its openness and willingness to engage and collaborate and be flexible to the needs of the customer. This is because they have the technical and design capabilities to custom design or adapt products as and when required – giving them an edge over many of their competitors.

“When we give Whitecroft the lighting concept that has contributed to us winning the project, they now instinctively know how to interpret it, coming up with budgets, timelines and ongoing defect rectifications that fit the parameters of the project.”


Strong, continually improving relationship

“We have a connection with Whitecroft. It’s a strong relationship, and with every job we do we get slicker. This generates confidence and return business.

“Whitecroft Lighting has become one of our key suppliers, and over so many projects and collaborations we fully understand each other’s strengths. They instinctively know what I want to deliver, and I understand their capabilities as a manufacturer.

“As a rule, Whitecroft’s quotes withstand scrutiny, because they are consistent and realistic, and they know they have the capability to custom design and deliver, while other suppliers’ quotes often unravel once you dig into the details.


Flexibility that creates confidence

“Whitecroft doesn’t just sell and manufacture you a lighting product, it delivers the assurance that if you need to change something, or replace a product that’s not fit for purpose, they can do it. You don’t always get this from suppliers.

“NG Bailey doesn’t just buy lighting from a standard catalogue because clients and projects often require bespoke solutions. Whitecroft routinely custom designs and builds bespoke lighting solutions, so we can rely on them to deliver on whole projects by blending their existing education inventory with Custom made products.

“This is beneficial to NG Bailey, as single sourcing lighting from Whitecroft reduces engineering and management time when compared to working with multiple suppliers.”


MECD, University of Manchester

“The MECD buildings were very detailed and designed to a high specification. With no false ceilings, all the M&E engineering throughout the building is purposefully on show, which is unusual. This required a lot of precision engineering, a big opportunity for NG Bailey and Whitecroft to showcase their skill sets beyond the installation phase, as usually hardware is hidden away from view.”

Find out how we delivered a custom-built lighting solution for the MECD buildings here.

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