Blog: Stepping out of my comfort zone, into my growth zone

Blog: Stepping out of my comfort zone, into my growth zone

  • Posted on May 23 2023

By Max Davies, Graduate Sales Engineer, Whitecroft Lighting


Hi, I’m Max. Join me and have a read as you get the chance to have a glimpse into my experiences at Whitecroft on the Graduate Sales Engineer scheme.


Want to know what to expect at Whitecroft?


Every experience is different, but the people are the same. I have found a home from a home in Manchester during the last 7 months and I would love to take this chance to personally thank everyone at Whitecroft for making me feel comfortable whilst also challenging me every step of the way to push me closer to meeting my goals.


From finishing university in summer of 2022 to landing this once in a lifetime opportunity at Whitecroft only 2 months later; I could not turn down the opportunity to become a Graduate Sales Engineer with opportunities for progression, learning and a constant chance to improve myself and my professional development.


As I embarked on this new chapter of life, I can only highlight how I felt fulfilled with my achievement of securing the role but also how extremely nervous I was having never experienced a corporate environment; however, this is not what I found when I started. I found a warm bubbly environment with friendships thriving, helping to reassure me that I made a good decision. From learning the business processes and exploring each area of the business I felt like I was learning a little too much at first, but little did I know this information would only help me down the road. Remember to listen and pay attention as this will only benefit you!


So, let's dive in and find out what this Graduate scheme is all about.


The Sales Engineer scheme is carefully curated to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful, as well as giving you work-related opportunities such as attending conferences and speaking directly with our client base - all helping to support you in the move from the comfort of Whitecroft’s office to that of our customers. This program, combined with my Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeship, provides me with everything I need to succeed. For seven months, I shared a house in Didsbury Manchester with two other graduates who are now unforgettable friends, thanks to Whitecroft.


Throughout this period, I faced many challenges but for me, I personally felt as if I struggled to grasp the technical aspect of lighting that comes with specific legal legislations and requirements. I found this overwhelming and struggled to comprehend the amount of thought behind just one fitting! This has only helped me to really open my mind to the lighting industry and really appreciate everything that is done behind the scenes to support the sales team in answering customer queries.


Throughout the Graduate scheme, one thing stood out to me. This was the extended period I had endured in the lighting design department. Before going into the lighting design department, I had previously spent time in manufacturing, marketing, customer service, quotations, the laboratory, and design. During this time, I had taken on so much information but without the knowledge of how I could apply this; until I found myself in lighting design needing this very pool of knowledge every day. It finally felt as if all my hard work was connecting and bringing everything together.


Although the warmness and support I had received throughout the business was amazing, my experience until this point was up and down, but after joining lighting design I felt like part of the team. Christina Lombers, Senior Lighting Design Engineer at Whitecroft, was given three graduates to take in and train and could not have made us feel more welcome, as well as delivering a perfect training program for us to enhance our knowledge and skills. This had given me the opportunity to show who I was and how I could impact the business in a positive way, having given me the confidence to move forward after cementing my newfound knowledge.


Lighting design is an immense task that opens you up to several industries and teaches you how to apply your knowledge to different areas. This is another thing I have loved about my time in lighting design; the constant challenge as no two projects are ever the same, presenting their own unique challenges and opportunities. This has only made me want to push myself further and gain as much knowledge as possible, so I am able to enjoy helping my clients to create the perfect lighting solutions to meet their specific needs.


As I come to the end of my time in the office, I have taken the time to really reflect on who I was at the start of my journey and who I am now. When I first stepped through the doors, I felt young, apprehensive, and shy, whilst knowing I was willing to put the effort in to succeed and prove myself. I can now say I will leave the office ready for my new chapter on the road with my head held high feeling confident with what I have achieved and how I have developed as a person in both my personal and professional walks of life. I feel confident in moving forward and becoming a highly successful Sales Engineer who can really contribute to the company. I believe that with my newfound passion for lighting, as well as my determination to succeed, I will be able to achieve my aspiration and make a positive impact.


What do I wish I could have told day one Max (or a new graduate)?


Listen carefully, ask questions, and most importantly enjoy yourself this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


"I’m Max Davies, a Graduate Sales Engineer at Whitecroft Lighting covering Yorkshire and the North East. I support clients with their lighting projects in the Commercial, Education, Healthcare and Industrial sectors."

Get in touch with Max at

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