Whitecroft and TOG Mind – empowering minds and transforming lives

Whitecroft and TOG Mind – empowering minds and transforming lives

  • Posted on July 31 2023

At Whitecroft Lighting, we believe in the power of supporting our staff and giving back to our local community. That's why this year, we decided to partner with Tameside, Oldham, and Glossop Mind (TOG Mind), a prominent mental health charity based in Ashton under Lyne. Through this collaboration, we aim to educate and inform ourselves on how to better manage and improve the well-being of our staff, while giving back and supporting the local community through charity fundraiser events – empowering minds and transforming lives.

Jayne Barker, Head of HR at Whitecroft Lighting breaks down the key reasons for partnering up with TOG Mind:

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness:

In recent years, mental health has rightfully taken centre stage as a critical aspect of overall well-being. Recognising the importance of mental health in the workplace and the wider community, Whitecroft Lighting has embraced a proactive approach. We understand that supporting mental health not only enhances individual well-being but also boosts productivity, creativity, and overall organisational success. With several mental health first aiders already active onsite; by partnering with TOG Mind, we are taking a significant step to further our culture of mental health awareness and support.

Our Commitment to Supporting Staff:

At Whitecroft Lighting, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. As part of our partnership with TOG Mind, we have implemented a range of support services tailored to the needs of our staff. These include access to mental health resources, informative workshops, and mental health first aid training. By providing resources and training, we aim to equip our employees with the tools they need to take care of their mental well-being and create a positive environment inside and outside of work.

Making a Difference in the Local Community:

Our commitment to mental health extends beyond our own organisation. Through our partnership with TOG Mind, we are actively involved in making a difference in the local Tameside, Oldham, and Glossop communities. We are proud to support TOG Mind's initiatives and, together, we strive to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and create a more supportive and inclusive community.

Charity Fundraisers: Uniting for a Cause:

Whitecroft Lighting is dedicated to giving back to the community in every way possible. As part of our partnership with TOG Mind, we organise charity fundraisers throughout the year. These events not only raise funds for the valuable work of TOG Mind but also create a sense of unity among our staff and the local community.

The latest of which saw a group of colleagues unite as ‘Whitecroft Riders’, cycling 60 miles and raising over £1,500 in the process.

Next, we look forward to a sponsored abseil before we tackle Scafell Pike in 2024.

The Transformative Power of Partnership:

The partnership between Whitecroft Lighting and TOG Mind exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration. By combining our resources, expertise, and passion for mental health, we are creating a sustainable impact on the lives of individuals within our organisation while giving back to the wider community. Our joint efforts are not only improving mental health support systems but also promoting a culture of empathy, understanding, and compassion.

Whitecroft Lighting's partnership with TOG Mind reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting mental health, both within our organisation and the local community.

Together with TOG Mind, we are building a future where mental health is prioritised, stigma is dismantled, and individuals feel supported and valued.

Join us on this journey as we create a lasting impact and make a difference, one mind at a time.

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