ACL Extreme

ACL Extreme

ACL Extreme


  • Output options between nominal 2023 to 6814 lumens (19 to 61W)
  • Opal UV stabilised polycarbonate diffuser
  • 4000K LED
  • 50,000 hour life to L80B50
  • Emergency outputs:
    • 1240mm - 659 lumens
    • 1540mm - 674 lumens


  • IP65, IK10 rated protection
  • Suitable for mounting on solid substrates (walls and ceilings) in exposed outdoor locations
  • Separate adapter plate attachments available for mounting horizontally on structures where the back of the body is exposed (Note: not suitable for vertical mounting and not available with 640mm long version)
  • Extruded aluminium body, finished in textured black
  • Diffuser retained along full length
  • Removable gasketed end cap at one end with tamperproof screw fixings
  • Cable entry through 20mm diameter drill-out holes in end cap
  • Closed fixing holes in the back of the body to retain IP integrity - to be drilled for installation
  • Special access tool supplied
  • Suitable for ambient temperature ranges:
    • -25 to 25ºC standard (except 1200mm long)
    • -25 to 40ºC standard 1200mm long
    • -5 to 25ºC emergency versions
  • Fixed output LED driver as standard, DALI driver option
  • Emergency options:
    • 3 hour self-contained
    • 3 hour COMEPS DALI addressable

ACL Extreme

ACL Extreme Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW B50
640mm, 2023 lumen (19.1W)** AXLH214K 106 50k
1240mm, 3325 lumen (28.3W) AXLH424K AXLH424KEM 117 50k
1240mm, 4068 lumen (35.6W) AXLH434K AXLH434KEM 114 50k
1240mm, 5450 lumen (50.6W) AXLH444K AXLH444KEM 108 50k
1540mm, 6107 lumen (53.6W) AXLH554K AXLH554KEM 114 50k
1540mm, 6814 lumen (61.2W) AXLH564K AXLH564KEM 111 50k


DALI DIMMING Replace H with Y i.e AXLY424K
COMEPS* Add suffix EP i.e AXLH424KEP

* DALI dimming combined with COMEPS is only available in conjunction with Whitecroft DALI addressable system. Please consult our Technical Desk.
** Emergency not available with 640mm long versions


Description Order Code
Adapter Plate for horizontal suspended mounting for 1240mm luminaire AXL4AS
Adapter Plate for horizontal suspended mounting for 1540mm luminaire AXL5AS
Adapter Plate for horizontal side mounting for 1240mm luminaire AXL4AH
Adapter Plate for horizontal side mounting for 1540mm luminaire AXL5AH

Note: Adapter plates not suitable for 640mm long products

Dimensions Diagram 1
Standard 640mm 640 115 88 3 N/A
Standard 1240mm 1240 115 88 5 6.2
Standard 1540mm 1540 115 88 7.5 8.7
Accessories L W H KG
AXL4AS 1368 282 100 3.75
AXL5AS 1668 282 100 3.8
AXL4AH 1370 120 150 3.75
AXL5AH 1670 120 150 3.8

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - 6814 lumen, 61.2W
6814 lumen, 61.2W
LOR = 100%

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Life expectancy Colour consistency
4000K >80 L80(50,000hrs) MacAdam 3 SDCM

IP65 surface mounted LED luminaire for outdoor applications.  With die cast aluminium body and opal polycarbonate retained diffuser – as Whitecroft Lighting ACL EXTREME

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