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Whitecroft's Air Control Emergency is a standalone or Internet of Things (IoT) smart emergency lighting testing and reporting system which is scalable, and suitable for all sectors.

Emergency lighting is a life safety system and as such, reliability is paramount. Air Control Emergency operates and communicates wirelessly, using a robust, reliable, 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) mesh network. The user can be assured that the emergency lighting installation is being routinely monitored and tested in accordance with BS EN 50172.

Simplicity is key, with emergency monitoring and testing of smaller buildings, to large complex estates possible. Smaller, standalone installations are controlled with one controller linking wirelessly with up to 192 devices. For a larger, networked installation, up to 200 controllers, operating up to 38,400 emergency devices, can be connected via Ethernet network and additional, optional, software, then reporting into a centralised PC (supplied separately).

The future state of a building should be considered at design stage; one AIr Control Emergency controller can be networked to others at a later date if required giving the space ultimate flexibility.

If you have a space that requires a wireless emergency testing and reporting system then please get in touch with your account manager and ask them how we can help you.




  • Independent emergency lighting monitoring and testing
  • Can be integrated into existing installations easily, without the need for additional wiring
  • Testing and reporting to BS EN 62034 via a robust, reliable 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) mesh
  • Testing and monitoring in accordance with BS EN 50172
  • Simple set up via web interface
  • Automatic (programmable) testing of each emergency luminaire
  • Reports downloadable as a PDF or XML file
  • Test and system data is accessed via Ethernet from any web browser
  • System commissioning is required
  • UK designed and manufactured


  • System comprises of:
    • Emergency controller
    • Wireless gateways
    • Luminaire integrated modules
    • Emergency controller licenses for fault status reporting to web browser
    • Optional PC software package to network multiple controllers onto one web browser
  • Up to 192 devices per controller across three 2.4GHz RF mesh networks (3x 64 devices)
  • Up to 200 controllers can be connected, controlling up to 38,400 emergency devices
  • 128 bit security encryption
  • 14m maximum distance between emergency luminaires

Please contact Whitecroft for application and design support

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