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Command Emergency Programmable System (COMEPS) is a DALI based automatic test system that allows the emergency lighting system to be tested over a robust DALI bus. It can be integrated into a total lighting control system along with other devices using the same two wire DALI bus. The system is designed for organisations seeking an automated, efficient, cost effective and reliable means of meeting the mandatory requirements. The automatic central test systems guarantees regular testing and monitoring of emergency lighting and will reduce the cost of maintenance. COMEPS can be purchased as a complete system or supplied as individual COMEPS compatible luminaires that can be integrated into other industry standard DALI Emergency Lighting Systems.


Emergency Operation

In any emergency situation when the mains supply fails, or in a test situation where the supply failure is simulated, the COMEPS unit will switch the light source from the normal ballast supply to the emergency inverter supplied from the batteries. COMEPS uses the industry standard IEC 62386 DALI communication protocol and can be commissioned and programmed to conduct duration and frequency emergency testing in line with the requirements of BS EN50172. Specification:

  • Compatible with a wide range of Whitecroft’s LED and non-LED luminaires
  • Single system can monitor and test an unlimited number of luminaires
  • Operated over the DALI bus that can be used to control the lighting control system
  • Each luminaire has a unique address
  • Test schedules can be programmed to suit the occupancy of the building
  • Testing times and dates can be easily programmed
  • Failures indicated locally at the luminaire and on the central controller
  • All tests are automatically recorded and stored

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