Command 9

Command 9

Command 9


Luminaire integrated wireless communicating sensor with passive infra-red (PIR) occupancy detector and regulating photocell. Ideal for new build and retrofit installations.

  • Regulating photocell maintains minimum light level accounting for adjacent luminaires and daylight
  • PIR presence detection
  • IP65 sensor
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures -25ºC to +65ºC
  • Mounting heights from 4.5m to 16m
  • 18m diameter detection zone at 16m mounting height
  • Typical applications include low and high bay installations
  • No requirement for 2 core DALI control cables
  • Pre-set parameters can be easily changed by smart phone or tablet via the App
  • Dongle required for reprogramming
  • Whitecroft can offer on-site commissioning if required
  • Communicates wirelessly via Zigbee with luminaires up to 12m distance between luminaires
  • Local luminaire zones can be created with common functions
  • Up to 40 sensors per group and up to 6 zones per group


  • Standard factory pre-set parameters:
    • Occupancy - Auto On/Off
    • Daylight control - Auto On
    • Output setting - 100%
    • Background level - 20%
    • Time delay - 15 mins
    • LED Indicator - Enabled
  • Parameter over-rides:
    • Occupancy - Manual On, Auto Off (Absence detection)
    • Occupancy sensitivity - High, medium, low
    • Output - 5% to 100%
    • Background level - 0% to 100%
    • Time delay - 30 sec to 60 mins

Order Codes

Description Code
See luminaire webpages (Q9WY)
Dongle COM9DG

Requires luminaires to be fitted with DALI drivers
Order code is included in the luminaire code, cannot be ordered separately

Dimensions Diagram 1
Command 9 (sensor only) 43 115

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1

Luminaire integrated occupancy and daylight sensor. IP65 end fixed with wireless communication via Zigbee protocol for luminaire control and grouping. Factory default settings can be easliy overridden using a smart phone or tablet via the 'App' - as Whitecroft Lighting COMMAND 9

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