Egress Exit Surface

Egress Exit Surface

Egress Exit Suspended

Egress Exit Suspended

Egress Exit Recessed

Egress Exit Recessed

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Egress Exit Surface
Egress Exit Suspended
Egress Exit Recessed


  • Power consumption in operation: 3.2W maintained, 0.8W non-maintained
  • 30 metre viewing distance
  • 14 long life white LEDS
  • Supplied with complete set of EC and ISO format Legend Panels (right/left/down/up)
  • ISO format legends supplied in accordance with BS 5266-1 2011 (ISO7010)
  • Can be used as double sided for left/right direction


  • IP40 rated
  • Polycarbonate body finished in white
  • Ceiling or wall mounted surface, suspended or recessed. 
  • Both surface and suspended option can be recessed using the optional recessing frame.
  • Suspension wires can be easily adjusted from 15mm up to 1000mm in length
  • 3 hour maintained or COMEPS addressable DALI test
  • Can be wired as non-maintained
  • Supplied with long life Lithium LiFePO4 batteries:
    • Standard 6.4V 600 mAh
    • COMEPS / DALI 3.2V 3.2Ah
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures 0 to 45ºC
  • Also available with "EW" Routefinder Wireless for addressable emergency testing without the need for a 2 core communication cable

Egress Exit

Description 3hr Emergency COMEPS * Routefinder Wireless
3.2W, Wall/ceiling mounted EESM30 EESM30/EP EESM30/EW
3.2W, Suspended EEPM30 EEPM30/EP EEPM30/EW

* COMEPS version can operate as self test when not connected to a DALI system


Description Order Code
Recessing frame EEM30R
Dimensions Diagram 1
VERSION L W H H1 KG(EM) Cut Aperture
Exit Sign 330 45 250 195 2.5
Recessing Frame 388 80 60 0.5 372x55

Self-contained LED maintained emergency sign luminaire with rigid body and an easy to install full set of legends. Ceiling mounted surface, suspended or recessed with LiFePO4 battery, energy efficient charger and LED charge indicator – as Whitecroft Lighting EGRESS EXIT.

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