Florin E3 High Level

Florin E3 High Level

Florin E3 High Level


  • 2.3W LED delivering 280 lumens
  • Minimum life of 50,000 hours


  • White high level LED emergency head and charge indicator with driver, charger and battery
  • 3 hour non-maintained
  • White body
  • Ambient temperature range of 0°C to +40°C
  • Battery – long life Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Suitable for ceiling thickness of 10-25mm with a minimum ceiling void of 175mm (10mm thick tile)
  • Stainless steel spring clips to secure LED head in position
  • Specifically designed for high risk or high output emergency task lighting for compliance with BS5266 Part 1 2011
  • Can also be supplied for surface mounting - See part number for separate surface mounting box below. Please contact Whitecroft Technical Department for more information

Florin E3 Recessed High Level

L70B50 L80B50 L90B50
3 hr non-maintained FLH31 >100K >100K 55K


Fixed Output 3hr Emergency
COMEPS * Add suffix /EP i.e. FLH31/EW
230V Central Battery Add suffix /CB i.e. FLH31/CB

* When not connected to the DALI system will operate as Easytest


Surface Mounting Box FLSH31/SMB

Please note, if surface mounting is required, the surface mounting box will be required in addition to the fitting

Dimensions Diagram 1
LED Head 25 0.05 55 45
Driver 198 32 22 0.256
Battery (except CB version) 270 33 33 0.154

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1
  • Open Area - Mounting Height: From Wall
  • 9m: 3.9m
  • 12m: 4.5m

  • 15m: 5.3m
Performance Guide Diagram 5
  • Open Area - Mounting Height: Between Fittings
  • 9m: 7.8m
  • 12m: 9.8m

  • 15m: 11.7m

Stand alone recessed white high level LED emergency luminaire, complete with charge indicator, driver, charger and battery, capable of operation in non maintained mode. Driver to ensure constant light output independent of battery voltage for 3 hours from mains failure – as Whitecroft Lighting FLORIN E3 HIGH LEVEL

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