Cam Jacking Bracket Modular Ceilings

Cam Jacking Bracket Modular Ceilings

Jacking Bracket Prepared Aperture Version

Jacking Bracket Prepared Aperture Version

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Cam Jacking Bracket Modular Ceilings
Jacking Bracket Prepared Aperture Version


  • Dual optic, high dependency unit luminaire with two specialised sides
  1. Louvre optic
    • Semi-specular cross blade louvre with opal diffuser mounted behind to deliver a controlled cut off for maximum patient comfort– Dimming control gear with 3 pre-set light levels dimmed by means of a 3 position switch (not supplied)
  2. Diffuser optic
    • Reflector and twin sheet diffuser for optimum visual comfort
    • Fixed output control gear for on/off switching
    • Smooth front face to the room for ease of cleaning
  • Outputs;
  1. Total output of both optics for 1000 lux examination - 11,200 lumens (146W)
  2. Louvre side full output- 3050 lumens (54W) with three dimming options;
    • Low for watchlight (10-20 lux)
    • Medium for patient rest (30-50 lux)
    • High for general clinical care (400 lux)
  • ‘Cool’ white 4000K LED colour temperature
  • Ra >90 colour rendering index


  • Dual IP rated to avoid any ingress of contamination from the void - IP65 frame on, IP54 when removed - BSI IP65/54 certified
  • Sealed drop rod suspension option, bungs can be removed if required, standard fixings are as illustrated
  • Rigid body in steel finished white
  • Frame finished in white polyester powder coated paint (Poly Gloss)
  • Modular version designed to engage below 600 x 600mm modular exposed T25 and spring T grids (refer to ceiling compatibility matrix on Whitecroft website), non modular version fits prepared aperture ceilings from 35-90mm as standard
  • Extruded aluminium twin frame construction with angled integration to eliminate any vertical gap finished white. Outer frame sealed to the ceiling by a closed cell gasket. Mastic sealant can also be used between outer frame and ceiling
  • No visible screws
LL/CW L70 B50
Modular HDLMHR14K 77 100K 62K 28K
Prepared aperture HDLNHR14K 77 100K 62K 28K

Recessing Panel

Recessing panel to retain integrity on spring T ceilings RP600x600
Dimensions Diagram 1
Modular Ceiling 598 609 598 529 137 12
Prepared Aperture 725 656 603 480 140 13

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - Dual Optic 146W LED 11,200 Lumens 4000K
Dual Optic 146W LED 11,200 Lumens 4000K
LOR = 100.0%
SHR MAX = 1.26
Photometic Performance Diagram - Louvre Optic 54W LED 3050 Lumens 4000K
Louvre Optic 54W LED 3050 Lumens 4000K
LOR = 100.0%

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
4000K >90 MacAdam 3 SDCM

IP65/54, LED multi-function luminaire meeting CIBSE recommendations for high dependency units. Two optics for specific lighting requirements; louvre optic with LEDs controlled by dimming gear with semi-specular cross blade louvre delivering a sharp cut off for maximum patient comfort, diffuser optic LEDs controlled by fixed output gear with reflector and twin sheet diffuser. Diffuser with smooth face to room in twin aluminium frame with gapless integration and cap fixings for best infection control – as Whitecroft Lighting HDU LED

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