Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

End Cap

End Cap

Contoured End Cap

Contoured End Cap

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

Foil XS-Line

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Foil XS-Line
End Cap
Contoured End Cap
Foil XS-Line
Foil XS-Line
Foil XS-Line
Foil XS-Line


Foil has been developed to optimise building energy performance and deliver visual integration for a pure aesthetic. Service integration reduces the build programme and ensures a clutter free working or learning environment.


  • Output options;
    • 5200 lumens (45W)
    • 6200 lumens (52W)
    • 8300 lumens (70W)
  • Emergency Output (BLF):
    • All variants - not available (use Florin E3)
  • Micropolymer diffuser in unique twin-line configuration for optimum light uniformity and diffusion
  • Approximately 75/25% down/uplight ratio
  • 1800mm infills are available with uplighting element
  • Available with 3000K and 4000K LED


  • IP20 as standard
  • IP44 versions available on request
  • Fabricated steel body finished in silver or white
  • Chamfered 30° body edge for a slimline appearance
  • Infill panels available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1800mm lengths
  • Optional 600mm starter infill available for connection to the wall and first luminaire. Does not contain acoustic absorbing material
  • Twin adjustable wire suspension kit with 1.5m maximum drop (long drop lengths available on request)
  • Suspension kit to be ordered separately
  • 48mm deep acoustic absorbing materials integrated into the luminaire body
  • RAL Colour: Silver RAL9006. White RAL9003.
  • Downlight and uplight controlled through a single driver
  • Integral emergency options available using Florin E3 installed centrally in the luminaire body or the infill;
    • 3hr maintained
    • COMEPS
  • Integral controls options available installed centrally in the luminaire body;
    • Organic Response®
  • Air Control enabled option (requires remote detector)
  • 2 segregated cable conduits
  • Subject to project size and upon request luminaire infill panels can be modified to allow the integration of items such as speakers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinkler heads. Please consult Whitecroft Technical Desk
  • For continuous or standalone mounting
  • End cap to be ordered separately
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Luminaire Fixed Output Florin E3 3hr Em LL/CW L70 B50
5200 lumens (45W) FSEH1S FSEH1SF3 116 >100k >100k >100k
6200 lumens (52W) FSEH2S FSEH2SF3 119 >100k >100k >100k
8300 lumens (70W) FSEH3S FSEH3SF3 119 >100k >100k >100k

All order codes noted are for Foil XS-Line IP20, IP44 versions available on request

Infill with uplight

Infill with uplight Fixed Output Florin E3 3hr Em
1800mm, 1875 lumens (17W) FXINFUPH18S FXINFUPH18SF3


End caps (contoured) FXENDCS
600mm infill FXINF6S
600mm infill with Florin E3 FXINF6SF3
1200mm infill FXINF12S
1200mm infill with Florin E3 FXINF12SF3
1800mm infill FXINF18S
1800mm infill with Florin E3 FXINF18SF3
2250mm infill FXINF22S
2250mm infill with Florin E3 FXINF22SF3
600mm starter infill FXSTARTS
Flush end cap (single) FXENDCFLS
Suspension kit (1.5m drop) * FXSUSPKIT
Suspension kit (3m drop) * FXSUSPKIT3M

* Suspension kit required for each size of luminaire and infill with one exception - no suspension kit is required if 600mm infill is part of a continuous run.


DALI DIMMING Replace H with Y i.e FSEY1S
ORGANIC RESPONSE Codes available on request
WHITE FINISH Replace S with W i.e FSEH1W

For 3000K colour temperature, please contact Whitecroft

Dimensions Diagram 1
5200 lumens (45W) 2250 800 106 28.5 28.7 1500 x 200
6200 lumens (52W) 2250 800 106 28.5 28.7 1500 x 200
8300 lumens (73W) 2250 800 106 28.5 28.7 1500 x 200
600mm infill 600 800 75 5.3 5.5 450 x 200
1200mm infill 1200 800 75 10.5 10.7 750 x 200
1800mm infill 1800 800 75 16.9 17.1 1100 x 200
1800mm, with uplight 1800 800 106 19.2 19.4 1100 x 200
2250mm infill 2250 800 75 22.9 23.1 1500 x 200

* Contoured end caps increase the length by 150mm per end cap.

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - 6200 Lumens 52W LED
6200 Lumens 52W LED
LOR = 100.0%

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1
  • Lamps: LED 5200 Lumen
  • Illuminance: 353 lux
  • Spacing: 3 rows of 2 (55m2 Classroom)

  • Maintenance: 0.8
  • Reflectance: 70/50/20%
  • Ceiling Height: 3.2m
  • Working plane: 0.75m
  • Suspension: 0.6m
  • Uniformity: 0.63
  • Wall illuminance: 53%
  • Ceiling illuminance: 48%
  • Modelling: 0.41
  • UGR: 19

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Suspended acoustic LED lighting system with concealed 48mm thick acoustic absorbers behind perforated side and central panels in a shallow 30° chamfered steel body. Micropolymer opal diffuser in twin-line configuration for optimum light uniformity and diffusion. 2 segregated wiring channels as Whitecroft Lighting FOIL XS-LINE

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