48 port LCM

48 port LCM

Power over Ethernet Topology

Power over Ethernet Topology

Highly Scalable Architecture

Highly Scalable Architecture

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48 port LCM
Power over Ethernet Topology
Highly Scalable Architecture


An innovative structured Power over Ethernet (PoE) system that combines plug-and-play data cabling with DALI standard features to provide a highly energy efficient, simple to install lighting control system which requires minimal ceiling void space to house its infrastructure.


To discuss your individual project requirements in more detail and learn about the how the Lightmatrix Power over Ethernet solution can reduce project costs and increase energy savings, please contact a member of our technical team or click on the "Enquiry link" below. 


System Benefits

  • Simple, quick and safe to install - less skilled labour needed during installation and maintenance
  • Reduces the need for large distribution boards within confined riser cupboards
  • Requires less vertical infrastructure within the ceiling void
  • Significantly reduces the amount of copper cabling required
  • Highly scalable – supporting up to 960,000 luminaires in a single peer-to-peer architecture
  • Integrates with other electrical building control systems
  • Suitable for new builds or retrofits, including as part of a phased upgrade
  • Each switch can power and control 3 kW of lighting
  • No delay in power, provides lighting immediately
  • Incorporates complete emergency lighting capability, including testing and reporting

Product Features

The 48 port LCM operates as a PoE (Power over Ethernet) PSE (Power Source Equipment) and is the heart of the Lightmatrix concept providing centralised connectivity and power distribution to the connected LED luminaires and sensing devices:

  • Hot-swap power supplies
  • Accurate load energy monitoring and management
  • Compliant to IEE 802.3at Type 1 and 2 to 25.5W, and LTPoE++™ to 60W
  • Very high reliability 4-Point PD detection
  • Automated LED driver addressing
  • Full DALI compliance to IEC 62386 Part 102
  • Fully programmable control logic interface with graphical supervisor interface
  • Local inputs for fire-alarm, loadshed, and security system interconnection
  • Supervision and networking ports for SER to SER connection
  • Extensive built-in control capability
  • Capacity to supply up to 48 luminaires at 60W per luminaire

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