Routefinder Wireless Graphics Screen

Routefinder Wireless Graphics Screen

Routefinder Wireless Graphics Screen


Routefinder Wireless is a wireless DALI emergency test and monitoring system, suitable for simple emergency installations or for large networked systems.  Compatible with all approved Whitecroft DALI emergency Routefinder Wireless enabled products.*

Via the intuitive touchscreen and integrated software, the Routefinder Wireless system provides a comprehensive picture of the historical and real-time status of the emergency lighting installation.  Automatic status notifications are logged by the system whenever a fault or test failure is detected that could compromise the safety of the system.  A full record of system status is available at any time.

Routefinder Wireless can be utilised in one or multiple areas, depending on the needs of the application. Multiple Routefinder Wireless touchscreens can be networked together to remotely monitor larger systems using an Ethernet switch and additional Routelink software (supplied separately).

Routefinder Wireless is suitable for installation in Healthcare, Education, Workspace and Industrial applications.

* The presence of Routefinder Wireless emergency is denoted in the product part code by suffix 'EW'.  To check compatibility of a product with the Routefinder Wireless system, please contact the Whitecroft Technical Desk.


  • For indoor small to large scale projects
  • Wireless emergency central test system using wireless mesh communication
  • Removes the need for DALI communication cables reducing installation costs and eliminating risks
  • Provides automatic testing, monitoring and reporting to BS EN 50172
  • Full colour touchscreen user interface with intuitive colour-coded display of system status
  • Simple date and time scheduling of automatic functional and duration tests
  • Failure notifications shown in simple graphics at the panel with downloadable test results
  • Integrated network and power connections
  • Recessed and surface-mount housings supplied, outer bezel finished white RAL9016
  • Ethernet port for networking
  • Password-protected engineering mode
  • View and print reports via the USB connection on the front of the panel using reporter software included
  • Compatible with all approved Routefinder Wireless products *
  • Auto power save mode after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Non-volatile memory back up in case of power loss
  • Automatic addressing of replacement gear, to DALI standard
  • System commissioning is required
  • UK designed and manufactured


  • Input voltage 230V AC +/- 10%
  • Up to 128 devices per panel
  • 2 mesh networks, 64 devices per DALI subnet
  • 250mA limit per subnet
  • Up to 50 panels can be connected by Cat 5 ethernet cables for larger installations
  • Data transfer via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • USB programming port
  • Each panel should be within 5m of a minimum of 2 emergency 'EW' luminaires
  • 15m maximum distance between emergency 'EW' luminaires
  • A signal booster optional accessory for weak signal zones

A wide range of Whitecroft products are available with Routefinder Wireless emergency. These include:

Standalone luminaires

  • Florin E3 Recessed IP40 & IP65
  • Egress Exit
  • Egress 65 Recessed Bulkhead
  • Concert EX65 Surface Bulkhead

Converted luminaires

  • Cascade Flex
  • Tegan 2
  • Selene 2
  • Avenue Metro
  • ACL Industry
  • Mirage 3
  • Horizon 360
  • Kolo Surface & Suspended
  • Flight
  • Flight Sport
  • Stiletto LED
  • DTFU
  • Hygiene LED
  • Other ranges on request (also see individual web pages for details)

Contact Whitecroft for application and design support

System components

Description Order Code
LCD Touchscreen Panel RFDPANEL-EW
Bluetooth signal booster CG/EWMODULE

Routefinder Wireless enabled luminaires to be supplied separately

Dimensions Diagram 1
VERSION L L1 W W1 H H1 Cut Aperture
Touchscreen Panel 195 172 21 24 150 125 175x128

DALI Addressable central emergency lighting testing and reporting system using wireless Bluetooth mesh communication to a central control panel - as Whitecroft ROUTEFINDER WIRELESS

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